Faint line on pregnancy test.

Hey all am new to this just wondered of anyone could help me i


ve done a few pregnancy tests and i can see faint line on them ive took a pic to to see of my eyes arent just playing tricks on me could you all tell me if you can see them to and if so does this mean im pregnant with the lines being so faint thankyou xx


  • Hi chloelouise, yes i can see the faint lines too! wow, you did quite a few tests! image Congratulations! yes you are pregnant, the lines are just really faint as you have tested early. x

  • Haha i know just wanted to make sure i wasnt seeing things lol thanks i didnt know with them being real faint xxxx

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/84263.jpg


    Hii I've took 2 test and both faint lines can sum1 help me plz ??

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/84265.jpg


    Am I pregnent ?? I took these 2 

  • Thats what mine looked like thats why im confused x

  • Yes girlies, they're all positive, but all very faint. I've got my fingers crossed that you both have a healthy pregnancy. I tested 4 days early and got 3 positive tests on 3 consecutive days but then it disappeared. I've now decided never to test early again because I can't cope with the heartache and disappointment. Hopefully you'll both do just great. Good luck!! xx

  • Sorry to hear that teabag81 image i had a little bleed on the 29 to the 1st really watery pinky then brown and then i took a test yesterday and today both had what looks to be faint lines am also gettong a lot of thick white discharge past 2 days sorry for tmi could the discharge be cause im pregnant so confused!!

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/84270.jpg

    I normaly no what it means it just I'm scered that im not cuz in October I lost my baby 2 week befor she was due in not tryin to replace her just would be good to have a nouthere chance so I really hope I am  and sport tbag81 do I am deemed this 1 I took this morning 2 

  • It sounds like you had a bit of implantation bleeding chloelouise, which is normal, as is the discharge!  x

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss Littlemiss20. I would say that yes, those are early positives, looking at these tests..i really wish you all the best with this pregnancy please keep us updated x

    Oh,Teabag81, I hope you are ok. sending lots of babydust your way. x

  • Ok but 1 more thing I took a clere blue digital and it sed this is it because I got low hcg 


    I dident use 1st urgin
  • Thanks so confused but read that their cant possibly be even a faint line of hcg hasnt been detected xxx

  • Littlemiss20 the Clear Blue digitals are not as sensitive as the dip dye tests. you will get a negative result if you test too early with them.x

  • littlemiss20 that could be why its negative as its really early cause their must of been hcg in your urine on the other test to bring up a faint line when i was pregnant with my son i went to the doctors they did a test said i was pregnant but i just felt like i was so i went back a week later demanding a blood test because i just felt pregnant and i was so you can definately get a false negative but they say you can never get a false positive im in same boat as you at the min so flustrating sending lots of babydust your way xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks will get back to u next week with my results xxx big help 

  • Hi girls 4 days late now and still faint line 


  • Hay girls gess what 5 weeks Tomoz 


  • Congrats girlie, looks like you're on your way now!! x

  • congrates hun xx

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/88326.jpg

     Really stuck. Don't know if I am or arnt pregnant. Frustrating not knowing. Been trying to conceive for the past 4 months now. Faint lines on all 3. 
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