help needed

hiii to al..

i m in urgent need of ur reviews,suggestions....i have PCOS so my doc advised me for chromet and also the fertility tab was advised for 3 months...for the first month we didnt go ahead...but second month we did go ahead and i had al the symptoms of pregnancy like vomitting sensation,frequent urination,nausea,breast tenderness and also bloating....but 4 days back i had vaginal discharge which was creamy...then my period was due on 25 feb but i got it on 23 itself..but the highlight being intially i thought it to be normal period but i had that pink colours stains in the toilet tissue paper but not in the being the second is little heavy but i have same symptoms like sore throat,frequent urination and metallic taste....

can anybody help me here???since sday i m reading about it but not getting a soothing reply......please help me

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