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Faint line on HPT


I was suppose to start my period today according to my period tracker on my phone but didn't. i took a pregnancy test and this faint line showed up. I am having normal cramping like I'm about to start my period but haven't yet. Anyone see the line? Or is it too early to tell?


  • Hi, can't see the photo. Dunno if anyone else has this trouble, can you upload again? image

  • Can you see any better in this picture?

  • That's a very definite positive!! Congratulations! Best wishes xx

  • Thank you! I still don't believe it just yet. What is so confusing to me is that I'm 2 days late for my period however I'm having slight cramps like I usually do when Im about to start. Is that normal?

  • The cramping is completely normal, I actually got cramping until I was about 8 weeks with my little boy. Would go to the loo every 5 minutes checking that I hadn't come on as it felt just like I was going to!

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