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do you get a faint second line on a ovulation test if your

pregnant? im new to the ovulation stick thing but got a faint line on one yesterday does that mean im not pregnant because there is obviously some LH in my urine?


  • there is always LH in your wee it just gets stronger at OV, i always get a line and have done for months x
  • Hi hun, if you were pregnant then the line on the ov stick would have to be as dark or darker than the control line. Apparently we do have a very small amount of lh in our urine anyway. xxx
  • I always get a faint line too, just gerts stronger when i ov ind you thats only been the once for me and have been doign them for ages now, i also find the longer you leave your wee the stonger it wil be if you have drunk lots i only get a very very very faint line. hope this helps
  • silly be ate my first reply thjen i reply again and it makes me look like im mad when i reply again! sorry girls lol

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  • I never got a second line on an OPK when we trying and I used them for 3 months then gave up because I thought they weren't working for me.
    I then used one 3 days before I got my BFP and there was a faint second line.
  • When I found out i was pregnant I was getting faint lines on ov sticks which got stronger and stronger as the weeks went on. LH and HCG are very similar - ov sticks will pick both up but HPTs will only pick up HCG


  • I have gotten a faint on an opk today and i havent had even a faint line since day after ov,

    so i am hoping this is agood sign im 13 dpo
  • gud luck ive dun another one today and its exactly the same as yesterday
  • good luck 2 u 2 hun i hope we gt our bfps
  • Hi guys please I need some help, I had my last fake period whilst I was on the yasmin pill on the 27th of july, 7th aug I've been missing a few pills and decided we wanted to conceive so I stopped completely on the 13th which was Tuesday, but had my withdrawal bleed from Monday the 12th I'm still having a bleed 6 days on.. It's never got heavy that I need a pad or anything just the first couple of days It was brown scanty blood with discharge & the last day or 2, very dark red/brown discharge, it's only when I wipe going to the toilet (sorry tmi) .. So anyway yesterday & the day before I also had a lot of clear thick stretchy discharge mixed with the other discharge I'm having, I took 3 ovulating tests yesterday 4pm positive, 8pm the test line had faded and 10pm it had faded more again? image I'm really confused is it Evan possible to ovulate on a withdrawal bleed?! .. I also missed out I finished my bc pack completely on week 3 image .. Any advice/help will be very grateful thanks
  • I guess so yeah, with my first I fell pg within a week of my withdrawal bleed. Keep doing ov sticks cuz u may ov again quite soon. GL x

  • imagehello just got implant out two days ago got the cheap oov sticks and have got 3 faint lines on all of them. i also have the cheao version preg test as well and they are saying negative with no second faint line does this mean im ovulating sorry about this trying for baby no 1 xxx

    also got a bit of cramping and lower back pain have got a surge of energy as welll only 21 so need ifo please

  • Rebecca holdaway, ive never known them to have three lines, however if it is showing faint lines it could either mean negative or it could mean that ovualtion is on its way. Once they are stronger it would sign ovulation. Some have said on the site that they can show for pregnancy too but i think given you have only just got the implant out its probably showing in increase in hormones.

  • I have a question were trying to conceive baby #2 I just got my iud taken out 2 (9/19/2014)weeks ago and been trying since the 9/24 till this date 10/3/2014 I took a ovilation test and both lines came back faint what does that mean?
  • Got five days I've done ovulation test and all come back with back with faint lines what dose this mean any one I am trying for a baby and had my last four day light period on the 25th of August help please
  • I had a faint one today too on a opk test so took another one and its slightly darker I'm 2 days late so in gonna wait 3 days and see if af comes if not ill take a test but still might take opk to see what happens. Ive read that some people have faint opk test and end up Prego. Fingers x good luck

  • Hi, af is always due around cycle day 26 but im now on cycle day 29, i didnt have any preg tests so i used an opk and there was a second faint line..... Is that normal 😐

  • Hey ladies ! I have done a pregnancy test today ....image Have missed my periods. Due on the 9th October. i have just read if you do an ovulation one that the two lines should be red also if your pregnant? Can anyone shed light need to call my dr tomorrowimage.  This is my ovulation test ..

  • Hi i am trying to concive my for my second child but my periods were regular after i had my daugther then they becam irregular went to the doctor he prescribe folic acid and ovulation strips and i been peein on them and all of a sudden i got to lines yesterday but the tje control line was darker then the test line and so i went ahead and had intercourse with my husband and this morning i peed on my ovulation stick and both lines were the same color dark pink idk what else to do i had my period october 2 and ended 9 and so idk if i am pregnant already or not any help please.

  • Sounds to me like you are about to ovulate :) the lines will get darker when you have 12-36 hours before ovulation. The best way to confirm to ovulation is take your basal temps every day and chart.

    some ladies say that they get a dark OPK when they are PG but I always get a postibe when I am about to get my AF so it doesn't work for everyone. 

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