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Faint positive



  • hopingforbaby2017, I don't see it, but photos might not show the whole picture. 

    I am in the same situation. Had my test this morning and could see a faint positive. When I showed a picture to my husband, he couldn't see it, but men tend to miss those things :) Anyone can see my faint line?


  • I can see a faint line :) I'd test again in a couple of days time to get a stronger one!

  • So I got BFP this morning so there was a faint pink line after all :)

    waiting4baby1, thanks for your reassurance :)

  • Still waiting for mine.... I think I'm testing too early still I'm going just wait until closer to AF.... Another week maybe two before I retest...

  • Hi ladies 

    sorry to jump in on your post - iv been chatting to some other lovely ladies for a while now in a 2 week wait group.

    what does anyone think to this? is it just me? So distracting x



  • Congratulations that is defo a postive how late are you? 

    im 4 days later and into a test earlya I'm not sure if this is postive but I can't see nothing at all now ximage

  • Do you think so? Trying not to get my hopes up but it's hard! 

    i can see a super faint line on yours - maybe leave it 2 days & test again x

  • Wishing mine was like urs mayby not as strong as couldent see anythink on a pi that was day af was due with a boots test tested the next day with a first response and got a very strong posative straight away x

  • thank you Reeee - I only have a Morrisons own & a Tesco own one at the moment so I'm going to test with one of those in the morning & see what happens.

    if it still looks like I may be pg then il probably buy some better ones x

  • Are u late for af yet x

  • Yeah my AF was due on Wednesday - so only 2 days late.

    this is what I got this morning x 


  • Sorry to be blunt Hun but you can obviously see that's a big fat positive x

  • Thanks EmmaLou - yes it's definitely darker today x

  • Thats def positive id go get a better brand and u should get a strong posative congratulations x

  • Thanks Reeee - do you think First Response is best? x

  • Help i have two children already I'm currently ttc took these test last night and I think I see a very faint line on both whats everyone views as I took a digital one that today that said not pregnant I'm not due for another 5 days so I no it's early already been very Nauseous and very tierd and going ti the toilet to pee a lot any advice would be great thank you xxximage

  • Those do look like early positives but things can change between now and your period. Test again on the day your period is due if it doesn't show up. Good luck

  • Hey I've never really taken a pregnancy test answer I took one the day before yestersay and one first thing today and this is what has shown the one with the green background is today but as it's faint I'm not sure if that means positive of of it's just a rubbish make of tests. can someone share some light on this? Would be much appreciated imageimage

  • Mine have also been faint but got bfpimage today 

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