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  • I have been using pregnacare for a month now and I have menstrated for 8 it normal?

  • HI,

    I've been using pregnacare for a month now and I have menstrated for 8 it normal? 

  • Hello lovelies.... I wanted to try pregnancare for conceiving...please help me... how long will it take to get pregnant? We have been trying for exactly a year now! Do I have to start taking after periods? 


  • pregnacare is just a multi vitamin tailored to trying to conceive.  It will not make you pregnant or make you conceived faster it just provides your body with vitamins that may help the process.

    Personally I thought they were vile and massive in size compared to most other pregnancy multivitamins. They also made me very sick and I switched to alternative brands.

  • Thank you Purple Star 

  • Would you say these are one of the best to take or seven sea ones are better please I lost my baby 5 months ago I was 5 1/2 months pregnan! and I'm trying again now I have tried the last month didn't get anywhere! Need some help..many thanks 

  • Hello first time on here me and my partner are now trying for a baby so i  have stopped the pill on 27th december 2016  and had bleeding a few days later, i have started to take  pregnacare before conception, can i get pregnant quickly even though i not long stopped the pill and now taking the folic acid tablets? 

  • Hi I'm new to this me and my partner have been ttc around 2 years now and i'v recently started pregnacare conception hoping it works for us , good luck everyone x

  • Hey! 

    was wodnering if you had any luck with the pregnacare tablets? 

  • I have been taking pregnacare conceptions tablet since last 15 days. My menstrual cycle is being delayed for more than a week now. I always had a regular cycle of 27-28 days. UPT showed I am not pregnant. After reading review, I realised it is because of pregnancare and have stopped taking it since today. I was wondering when I will get my period. We were planning to conceive this month or next month. My periods are messed up because of this tablets

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