wet feeling cramps

Hey everyone, my last af started 22 March, and I ovulated around the 7 April. We did on that day, the day before and after few days earlier. My next af is due to start Tues but for the past few days been having cramps/ pulling sensations and a wet feeling down there (sorry tmi) really tempted to do hpt but scared of getting bfn.. Any suggestions ladies? X 



  • I'd do a test now with fmu and even if it doesn't show up you can still retest if your late on Tuesday sounds promising tho hun I had them symptoms last time I was pregnant image hope you are and AF doesn't show up keep us posted and post the test lol xx

  • Thanks for replying! I may do test is the morn hope not to get bfn..!  Only thing is I don't have any other symptoms like sore boobs/nausea, but get really bad heartburn when I eat..?  This wud be my first baby so have no idea what to expect really!  X

  • Well most women get morning sickness at six weeks onwards and some women never get it and iv never had sore boobs not even last time I was pregnant mine did go harder tho everyone is different heartburn is a sign tho so is lil cramps, boobs feeling different, constipation which you can take sennah for there's quite a few things that can change early but most times you get them later on and if it is negative it could just be early ya can always retest if AF is late but for now atleast it will ease the itch of wanting to pee on a stick lol xx

  • Thanks for the advice! Been thinking u have to have at least some of the symptoms u know..? I have a clearblue digital and a doctors test here so hopefully they will give me accurate results! Driving me crazy now tbh lol x

  • Just took hpt got bfn :/ x

  • Best of doing tests first thing in morning when testing before AF is due hun at least you've still got a clear blue for if your late and I wouldn't worry about not having symptoms yet heart burn is a good sign and look out for any twinges or lil cramps and a weird feeling behind your belly button and a another thing u could check is insides of vulvas and upward lol its usually pinkish but it usually goes dark red/purplish colour while pregnant due to increase in blood flow down there sorry if its tmi but it was one of the first things I noticed or a positive results could be too early as we don't no when implantation could of act happened but ino it dries me crazy when I'm testing iv got two clearblues left so my DH has his them so I can't waste them lol xx 

  • Hi Cfr93. I'm in the same place as you. O'd on April 7th, af due tues. I had spotting (hoping it was IB) on 6dpo and a bit today.  I have twinges and pulling sensation but no other symptoms, bbs not sore either. Did a test yesterday (sat) but BFN.

    fingers crossed for us both xx

  • Yeah I realised I probably tested at a stupid time lol, but yeah guess I'll see what happens tomorrow haven't really had any cramps today just little twinges now and then nothing like I've had before also I've been sniffling all day like I've got a cold coming or something lol. Was tempted to ask dh to hide the hpts until this week but I think I managed ok in the end lol.. Just wish there was a sign or something to let us know what's going on in there!!  Xx 

  • Hi rustic07 sorry only just seen ur comment, had really prominent pms type cramps yesterday but barely anything today apart from a few twinges now and then.. No other symptoms tho (sore boobs, sickness) my test lastnite was also bfn.. Really hoping af doesn't come tomorrow and that we get our bfp in a few days! Xx

  • I can't decide whether to test in the morning or wait and see what the day brings?

  • Think I'm gonna wait to see what the day brings x 

  • Well fingers crossed for you.  I will probably make up my mind in the morning.

  • Good luck to you too!  X

  • Sorry to interrupt, my af is due today too....(well app seys today but I was due anywhere from sunday) Ive had really bad cramps the last couple days and this feeling too like it has arrived.  Been to the loo so many times people at work are going to start to think I have a problem lol. 

    Did either or you test again? xxx

  • Hi hayleyb1187, I had cramps like 2 days ago but they've pretty much gone now, no sign of af as of yet (fingers crossed) I haven't tested again yet, probably gonna wait a couple days.. Have u done a test yet? Xx

  • Im trying to hold off testing as last month af was 8 days late.  I think because of that I have in my head it could happen again so don't want to get my hopes up.  Still got no sign of af and cramps aren't as bad as they were this morning.  Hoping af stays away and if it does I think I will try and wait till Thursday to test xxx

  • I'm trying to hold off testing too even tho my mum is nagging me to test lol. Got little bit of cramps but nothing like 2-3 days ago. Fingers crossed for us both xx

  • Fingers crossed for you both!!

    I didn't test this morning as I had a bit of spotting (and had a little more later this afternoon) so I think af is on the way as it usually starts like this.

  • Oh no don't give up hope tho!  XX

  • Just took another hpt got bfn :/ xx

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