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My psychic told me twins!!!

Hi ladies! I went to see a psychic two weeks ago, and he told me I would have twins in January!!! So that would mean I would have to get caught this month? If the twins made it full term that is? Anyway, it's been really really bugging me and I need to know! So iv bought a conception reading, they take about 4 days to get back to you, so fingers crossed!!!!! Twins would be amazing! Oh and apprently it's a girl and a boy! Xxx


  • What is a conception reading ?

  • No it was a psychic I went to see! Iv bought a conception reading too, so I can see if they bring it up? Iv had a conception reading in the past and they were spot on x

  • Maybe you get pregnant in a month or two and they will be Premmies.

    Just got my BFP


    A Psychic told my sister someone would have twins in my family, wondering if it will be me

    Good luck getting a BFP x

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