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delayed ovulation after miscarriage

Hi was wondering.if anyone can help. I miscarried on 6th April stopped bleeding 10 April negative hpt same day. Continued spotting until 1980 April then nothing. Been doing.opk since 10 April and they are all negative. I usually have 25 day cycles and ovulate day 13. Counting mc as cd1 I am now on cd21 with no positive opk. Had sex for the second time since mc on cd19 and have been having twinges in sides could this be ovulation signs and if so why is the opk not.picking it up? Am using three different brands of.opk morning afternoon and evening. Or could it be infection? When did people ovulate after m? 


  • Its normal hun after MC they tell you go wait one cycle before trying again and most women don't O the first cycle after MC I didn't then went back to normal the cycle after got to give you body time to heal xx

  • It's so frustrating my Dr said I could try again without waiting for Af.  Reassuring to know u went back to normal quickly tho. Can I ask did you af start on expected day?

  • I'm the same my hcg took nearly 8 weeks to get back to nothing and didn't end up ovulating. My first cycle after MC is normal I o'd on cd17 which I do every normal cycle anyway.

    I think a lot of women don't O after MC (before af arrives) as hormones are all over the place and will take time to settle down

    Personally I wouldn't like to conceive within a couple of weeks of mc as the uterine lining will still be thin and not thick enough for baby to implant if you know what I mean.

    Keep going with the opks as you may ovulate late or you already have and your surge was a very short one and you missed it. 


  • I got told to wait one cycle just to. Make sure everything was cleared out which wasn't the nicest thing to here but I did get my AF about 4 week after I stopped bleeding took me two week to finished MC I was 8 week but once I did get my AF I did O as normal after but that one cycle I didn't O but different doctors say different things as my midwife sed to wait 3 cycles but I just waited the one and once everything was healing and healthy again I went back to normal since then everything has been normal think its best. Just to wait one cycle saves getting frustrated hun anything else I'm happy to answer x

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