I have had my 1st month on clomid I am currently coming to the end of my 2ww I have been feeling sick an been sick for the past week now I'm hoping for a + but unsure of clomid side affects an is it to late to still be having side affects from clomid 



  • When I was on clomid the side effects disappeared when I finished the 5 days so Its probably not the clomid 

  • Thank u for replying I am due on in next 2 days but to scared to do a test... I have had positive before an have had a few miscarriages... All signs are showing I am so fingers crossed atm that I don't come on 

  • Good luck for when you test and hopefully this baby sticks 

  • I have been trying to conceive for a year now but no luck. I also have endometriosis but want to know would clomid or any other treatments help in my case . Please help me 

  • My Go is not taking me seriously. What other way can I get the tablets without going through my go.

  • Hi the best way is to get ur gp to refer u to the infertility clinic/gynaecologist. Ive just gt my clomid today...  Have to wait for my periods to start then i can start the clomid on 2nd day of period. Ive heard so many Bfp with clomid, hope it wrks fr me too! :-D

  • Thank you Hasina but the cost is what I can't afford. But I wish you luck..

  • Finished my first cycle of clomid  on 4/3/2016. AF was due on the 23rd but nothing instead I have brown discharge with bits of skin on and off but no blood. I did a test the day after but BFN... so ladies any idea what this is... am so confused. I have all the symptoms for AF but.....

  • Hey, what day of your cycle did u start clomiid? Do u think maybe u tested early? Try again in a week or two

    I did first round of clomiid last month and unfortunately it didn't work at all so nurse has bumped it up to 100mg of clomiid on days 2 - 6. 

  • I've just started my periods today so I can start clomid tomorrow. But past few days I really thought I was pregnant as I took provera to start my periods and I was feeling sick and breasts was sore. Did a test this morning thinking soooo positive biut unfortunately bfn. Then I started my periods an hour or so later. 

  • I did clomid 3-7. But apart from the brown discharge and bits I don't really have any pregnant symptoms like sore boons or peeing a lot. Me and hubby bedded today and I had some blood afterwards but nothing the whole day again. And the brown bits and discharge has stopped.  

    It's a crazy month

  • Mmm, I'm not too sure best speak to your doctor. Bur I would defo recommend testing again in few days x 

    I hope we get our bfp soon x  

  • Thank you. But then this means I miss out on this month. Doctor's appointment on Tuesday... will keep you posted. 

  • Hi ladies I've been reading all comments I have a question Ive just finished my first lot of clomid and had a pain while ovulation this moring I woke up with a bad pain feeling sick and Ive had a headache since taking them has anyone else had this? Thanks in advance xxx

  • Yes my dear it's all normal... but it should go away in a few days... if not then I would suggest to get yourself checked out by a GP 

  • Thankyou so much peaches for the advice really appreciate it it's just hard not knowing all of it xxx

  • Yea I had this too on My second round, don't worry at least you're ovulating. One step closer to a bfp!!!! Good luck 

  • Thankyou so much hasina I thought that but as no one I know hasnt had to do this its hard knowing what's normal and what's not thankyou for replying appreciate it very much wishing everyone baby dusty x

  • Thank you. I know this is a bit off topic but ive just had a miscarriage two weeks ago and now i feel I'm pregnant again. I'm starting to feel sick and my stomach feels likes something is happening. I've heard after a miscarriage you become more fertile and I felt ovulation as well without clomid. I dont know how long to wait to do a hot.

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