'Bored' of TTC?

Those who've been TTC'ing long-term... how do you keep your enthusiasm up and your belief that it will happen for you? Need some TTC pick me up pointers please!


  • I'm the wrong person to answer this. I'm the same as you and actually feel on the verge of giving up and getting a dog at this stage.

    It's very soul destroying going month after month after month, doing everything right and nothing happens.

    Hugs to you lovely. It'll happen for you. I know it will xx

  • Choc Apple

    I'm the same as you and actually feel on the verge of giving up and getting a dog at this stage.

    Hey! Getting a dog is a lovely distraction, actually!  We got Wispa when I was bored to death of wedding planning (though that's not the reason we got her!), and even though we were still doing all the wedding planning bits, having Wispa really kept me sane by giving me something constant to think and worry about other than the wedding.

    With things like ttc it's so easy to get stuck obsessing about this one thing we desperately want, and if it doesn't happen and gets drawn out it gets boring and frustrating.

    I'm not saying that getting the dog is actually the answer, but finding something else to think about is definitely key.  I would say 'give up' and focus on something else.  Rather, that having something else to focus on during the 2ww and other times during which you can't actually make you forget about the frustration and boredom.

  • I'm going to kind of echo the others with a distraction. I'm keeping sane by planning lots of nice things for me and OH to enjoy. Yes they all end around DTD (date nights, etc!) but at least its putting a fun spin on it all!

  • Ladies I'm in the same boat, so not much use. I am absolutely sick and tired of trying now. Husband and I have started looking into private treatment abroad. Just received the shopping list of tests that the clinic want before they'll accept our self referral. Rather than being excited I just feel well and truly fed up. I feel completely unmotivated to organise the tests. That annoying FB "feeling meh" status pretty much sums me up these days.

    In terms of enthusiasm, I get that in peaks and troughs depending on what new miracle TTC thing I'm doing that month. I was enthusiastic about my CBFM, until it failed to work for me. I was excited about taking B6, until it made my arm numb...every now and again I get excited about a new 2ww symptom...it's all short-term enthusisam lol

    Long-term enthusiasm, I've met some fantastic fellow TTC ladies along my journey. I'm very grateful for my online support groups. I don't know what TTC ladies did before the advent of the Internet. TTC must have been incredibly lonely.

    Hugs girls, it'll happen, we've got to believe it xxx

  • Enthusiasm for TTC? What's that again?! Laugh I'm definitely in the camp of having distractions so that my mind is taken off it. I've been pretty much forced to have a "it will happen when it happens" outlook upon the whole thing; we're approaching 40 cycles of TTC now and apparently doing everything right at the right time makes no difference and dwelling on it just sends me round the bend now. What Figaro said about meeting some lovely TTCers throughout this journey though, I don't know how I would have got this far without the support of some of the ladies on here.

  • Having things to look forward to helps I think, and other things to distract you like little projects you can get excited about. I'm only 6 months in but I do find myself having ups and downs. I have months of being totally obsessed and I then end up getting down at the end of those months. On months I manage to keep my obsessiveness (is that a word!) at bay I feel much better in myself.

    Its hard not to obsess though when it is about something you want more than anything! I have two dogs and without them I would struggle more I think, they are somewhere to focus my energies. I find myself browsing puppies sometimes even though another one would be a crazy idea!!

  • I just play the sims and have babies that way. You're not telling me thats not enough for you are you PS? ;) xxx

  • It's certainly a cheaper option TT!!! lol

  • I'm with all of you, for me, for the past few weeks I've been researching decorating stuff for our living room and booking a weekend away for my H's birthday in a couple of weeks. The cash is a bit tight but I said we need to get away have a break from everything. It's been a crap year for my family with one thing and another.

    I hope you find something to occupy your mind, find a little project of some sort, good luck :)

  • *This sounds really awful*

    One of my (many) emotions when were told about IVF was of huge relief that I no longer needed to find my enthusiasm for it anymore!

    Obviously, there was also a lot of disappointment, nervousness, frustration and a tiny bit of excitement that this could finally be the thing that works. But yes, there was definitely a big helping of relief too.

    I really struggled towards the end or our conceiving via conventional methods journey. I can only speak as someone with such long cycles it can be years between periods. You don't even have the luxury of knowing when the fertile window will be and then going back to 'normal' either side. Although I appreciate this is just as tough when your irregular and also difficult in a different way when you're regular, doing everything right and still not catching that egg.

    Whoever say TTC was fun definitely fell pregnant quickly!

  • My TTC girls really do help me through it a lot and I love my FB groups. Sadly today my mobile has no signal at all at work. I am going demented and feel like I've lost a limb. I keep wanting to message people then realise I have no signal. Purplestar I think I'm going to need an email address for you for these situations! lol

  • Thank you for all the replies ladies. It's nice and sad at the same time that so many of you are feeling the same!

    I already did the 'get a dog' idea and have Sidney who is 18months now. I think he's just as desperate for me to get pregnant as we are as he'd quite like to be a dog and not my surrogate baby haha.

    TT - I'll text you instead ;) x

  • hey girls, thats hope i cope when i feel like giving up on the rollercoaster of ttc .weve been trying for 4 years now, Ive been really having a hard time last summer, because i kept seeing bellys every where. But i know what helped me stay positive through it . I had memory books for my futur kids that i bought at the beginning thinking it wasnt gonna take as long as it is now. And i wrote a letter in it. A letter to my futur miracle, saying how he was wanted and how mommy fought so long for this moment. I read it every time i find it hard to continue and feel like giving up, cause then i daydream that my kid will read that letter from my heart and i just cant wait for that moment. 

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