*** Wednesday TTC ***

Morning all! Happy hump day! Does it still count as hump day when there's been a BH?!

My appointment with specialist went ok, he did mention I need to focus more on straightening the leg so that's my aim before next app. In other news, still no sign of af, am hoping she'll turn up today as otherwise, my lp is changing too much.

Hello to all who follow, I should be back on later x


  • Have you done a test?

  • Hey rod, there'll be no need as we didn't dtd before ov this cycle. Nothing like an operation to put you off! Because it's only the 4th cycle I've been tracking ov, it's still not clear how long my lp is. So far, it's been 9, 12 and 13 so, even though FF is saying af is due today, it could still arrive tomorrow and still be ok.

  • Oh ok, I didn't realise sorry!

    I had that when I came off the pill, I didn't know when AF would turn up from one month to the next. I was 21dpo when I tested with my first BFP!

    Anyway, its CD12 here. H went off on his course last night, hes back Friday. Gonna crack out the OPKs from tomorrow I think. x

  • Morning

    Tayto - hope af turns up - seems odd to say that on this thread!

    Rod - hope u ov at right time!

    Afm - 10dpo no af cramps as yet today. Dont think this is our month but still have hope!

  • Morning

    Tayto - hope she turns up although I guess all the meds and stress on your body may play havoc with it this month.

    Rod - I really hope you manage to catch the window.

    Cooper - fingers tightly crossed for you.

    AFM - CD12 nothing to report here. I guess I'm waiting for OV who knows when that'll be. Then on to the dreaded 2ww.

  • I know, it's weird - I'm on a TTC board yet not TTC'ing! I had planned to start in January after our ski holiday but my accident put an end to that idea! I was then advised to have the knee operation before we start TTC'ing and thought I could use the 6 month period to get ready as much as possible beforehand.....

    Rod - fingers crossed for a weekend or next Monday ov!

    Cooper - hope you're wrong about this not being your month - in the nicest possible way! x

    Rosco - hope you ov soon.

  • Morning all,

    Tayto - Glad your appointment went ok, hope af shows up soon

    Rod - Hope you ov at the right time for when your h is home!

    Cooper - Fingers crossed for you still!

    Rosco - Hope you ov soon.

    AFM - CD1 so again only 2 days of spotting which isn't too bad.  Feeling better today, I still feel sad when I think where we are and the thought of going to the doctors next month but I'm trying to stay positive.  I want to try hard to forget ttc this cycle and just enjoy all the nice things I have coming up so I'm on a mission to not count cd days! I normally look up when next af is due and I haven't done that yet and I don't even want to know! I know roughly when ov will be but I'm not temping or doing opks this cycle either I just want to try and have a break from it all. Of course I will still pop on here but I will try not to update on me as hopefully I won't know lol!

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Tayto - Hope AF comes soon for you

    Rod - Hope the timing is right for you

    Cooper - Hoping that this is your month

    Rosco - Hoping your ov starts soon

    Lulu - Having a break from the temping and OPKs will probably do you good. I think sometimes we can put too much pressure on ourselves and our bodies. Stay positive

    AFM - CD2. I'm not temping or using OPKs, I didn't last time either. So I probably won't have a lot to say on here from time to time. Although I normally have some sort of idea when I am ovulating. I am looking forward to AF being over so we can DTD and get the ball rolling

  • Lulu - I agree with ms; the break will do you good,  I'll miss seeing you on here :-( Remind me when you're going on hols?

    MS - is this your first AF after BF'ing? Check in with us every now and again though & let us know how you're doing!

  • I'll still be around tayto I like chatting with you ladies and like to see how everyone is getting on, I'll just be trying not to think about myself! I'm off on hols on Sunday for a week :-)

  • Ahh sorry Lulu, I misunderstood! Glad you're staying around x

  • Tayto- it is indeed my first AF after BF. I'll be around occasionally and I'll follow the thread everyday

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