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*** Wednesday TTC ***

Morning everyone,

So this afternoon I should find out whether I am going to be referred onto the hospital about my gallstones or not. Cue me making sure I will be near the phone then so I won't be venturing far today. TTC wise - I'm 8dpo and my temp is still high... trying not to let my head run away with itself. Just a few more days...

Hi to all who follow.


  • Morning Sapphire. Good news on the high temp - fingers tightly crossed for you. Hope you hear about the gallstones referral soon.

    AFM - 10DPO and temp dipped slightly so AF is on her way methinks - lovely, will have my period on my anniversary - just like at the wedding. Great!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Sapphire - Yay to high temps still fingers crossed it stays up and your gallstones referral goes in your favour :)

    Tayto - Sorry to hear you will have af on your anniversary thats pants and on your wedding day too :(

    Afm 6dpo yay! Temps still nice and high so very pleased! 36.45 which was the same as yesterday.  

  • Morning everyone!

    Sapphire - Sounds promising fingers crossed for you!

    Tayto - Hope you don't see AF on your anniversary!

    CC - Sounds good for you as well, how are you dentures today lol!!

    AFM - I was so stupid yesterday getting my hopes up!  I only had a tiny amount of brown cm and normally 2 days before af I would have full spotting, I kept thinking maybe this is it but sadly not, spotting started today :-( it's still not as much as normal but most definitely there.  I just hope af arrives on time tomorrow so that would make this cycle the best in months, 26 days long with only 1 day of proper spotting which I can live with.  

    Also I forgot to ask yesterday, my thermometer arrived on Saturday but I think I am being really dumb and can't work it lol!  It says it will beep when it's taken the temp but even after leaving it in my mouth for what feels like ages there is still no beep!  Not sure if the temps I get will be accurate.  Anyone else got the babymad one from amazon?

  • Forgot to add to Enjayee for last night! - That is great your h has made an appointment off his own back, I hope it goes ok for him.  Glad you have lots to distract you from ttc xx

  • Lulu - Sorry to hear you think AF is on but glad its turning into a good cycle for you with less days spotting.. Cant help with your themoeter sounds strange are the numbers going up.?

  • cc - yayyy to 6dpo - hope that number just keeps on increasing!

    Lulu - my thermometer takes *ages* - I had to get my H to look at mine when I first got it and he could see the numbers increasing while it was in my mouth so that showed it was working. Sorry about AF :-(

    Enjayee - missed your update last night - hope all goes ok with your H's appointment tomorrow

  • Yes the numbers are going up, maybe I need to wait longer!  Tayto does yours beep when it's done?

  • Oh and my dentures are fine haha.. little bit of dribble over night hahaha!

  • Tayto - rubbish about AF on wedding and anniversary. What rubbish timing. :(

    CC - your temps are sounding pretty good too. Fingers crossed.

    Lulu - sorry to hear about the spotting. But on the plus side it sounds like a better behaved cycle. Hmm.. Thermometer sounds strange. Is the battery in it definitely working?

  • Hi ladies, sorry i've been AWOL for a few days, i keep missing good times to post so i'ts been a bit too late to join in properly!!

    Sapphire - Sorry to hear about the gallstones, if you were upduffed, could they do anything about them? I really hope your temp stays high and they can wave a magic wand at you and make them go away!

    Tatyo - Sorry to hear AF will be around. Is it beginning, middle or end?

    CC - Fingers crossed so much for you! Nearly halfway through 2ww, will you wait to see if AF turns up before you test?

    Lulu - So sorry AF turned up, but glad your feeling happy about the length of this cycle. I know what you mean about your thermometer, it felt like ages the first time i used mine, but its trying to gauge the most constant temperature, so keep with it until it beeps! Make sure your putting it under your tongue and in one of the heat pockets either side of the tongue root (hope that makes sense lol!!)

    Enjayee - Have my fingers crossed for your H's appointment. I'm sure they'll be nothing to worry about and he just has a touch of 'stage fright'

    AFM - end of CD4 so nothing much to report. All my apps have predicted my birthday as my most fertile day which just happens to be on a Sunday so i think i'm going to get very lucky that weekend! Just need to get there first...!!  

  • Tonka - I didnt get my bfp to 19dpo so will try and hold off until about 14dpo before even thinking of testing if af hadnt shown before :)

    Sounds like a good birthday weekend haha! Fingers crossed for you!

  • Lulu - yes, mine does beep when its done. As Tonka says, it takes longer because it's so precise & sensitive.

    CC - I've got some solutions for you: hahahaha :-p (wonder how much mileage we'll get out of this one!)

    Tonka - hello! I feel a bit pervy egging you on for lots of s3xytime around your birthday!

  • Tayto - Thank you.. Will get some when we go for a food shop on the weekend.. your very kind haha!

  • Tonka - sounds like a good birthday weekend to me! If the referral does go ahead and I am preggers then the gp said they might be able to do something and if not at least the wheels are in motion that way. Apparently, being pregnant could make gallstones worse. I never had them until after having M - they think it was hormones that set them off then too.

    Tayto - you are a genius!

  • Thanks Tonka and Tayto I'll be more patient with it tomorrow morning :-)

    Haaaaaaaa Tayto that is funny!

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