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***15th Dec - Weekly Chat Thread***

Morning all - how's everyone?

Sorry I didn't get on over the weekend - we were in Ireland for the weekend so getting time to get online was a bit difficult! Just to pick up some personals from last weeks thread:

Sally - did you get on ok with the car part? How did the decorations go? (We still haven't done ours!) Get any baking done?

Lulu - How did your friends xmas party go? Are you fully recovered from all the alcohol?! Big Smile

Mrs 50's - I won't test until at least 14DPO - my LP is usually 12 so that's fairly safe! Are you getting through your ton of stuff to sort for Xmas? Good luck for the 2ww!

Peanut - Congrats for your 2nd wedding anniversary - hope you have a lovely time tomorrow! Hope the 2ww doesn't distract you when celebrating!

Enjayee - not sure if you'll see this but sending you lots of vibes for the xmas period & hope all stays on track for your January appointment Love

AFM - had a lovely time at home although a little bit sad as it was the anniversary mass for my Dad who passed away 3 years ago. Met up with lots of people though and met all my nieces and nephews again who have grown so much! TTC wise, I'm 9DPO, temps have commenced dropping as have the cramps started. This week we have our social club xmas curry and a raffle in aid of the charity pot I manage so really looking forward to that. Still not over the cold yet so am trying to mind myself!

Hello to all who follow x



  • Good morning all,

    Hope you all had a good weekend.


    Tayto - car was fine, one of the shock absorbers needs replacing but it's still just about in warranty so they'll do it in a couple of week. Decs are up and pressies are wrapped. I didn't do any baking but might do some mince pies when I get in tonight. Glad you had a lovely time at home, sorry about your Dad. Enjoy your curry and raffle this week! x

    Peanut - Happy (nearly) anniversary! Enjoy your days away. Didn't manage (Read: Couldn't be bothered) to do any baking, but will do mince pies this week.

    Mrs 50s - what a nice working week you have! Hope you get the rest of your Xmas stuff sorted. I pretty much ran out of paper and ended up being creative with scraps! I will try not to test before 14 DPO but I'm a little tempted to do so early, maybe around 12DPO just so I have an idea in advance I guess! It only takes the one so fingers crossed you've done it this time.

    Lulu - hope you enjoyed your other party! Sounds like a good weekend!

    AFM - roughly 4DPO, nothing much happening. Trying to keep relaxed and my positive attitude. I love Christmas so hopefully that'll keep me buoyant. Last full week at work, and the chocs are out. Yum. xx

  • Sally - That's good the shock absorbers will be covered under the warranty - I think I need to get my brake pads done - they've been squeaking recently. Good luck in the 2ww & well done for your PMA. The chocs are out at our place too but I'm trying to stay away as have weight watchers weigh in tonight!

  • Yes I was quite pleased - especially as the warranty runs out on the 11th Jan! Good luck at WW tonight - I am normally pretty good at work, and I don't eat too much choc anyway but I have had a couple today!

  • Any nice chocs Sally? Incidentally, what's everyone's fave chocies? Mine were Lily O'Brien's Sticky Toffee but these days it's the amazing hotel chocolat ones. Our raffle on Thursday has a donation of the HC Chocolatier's Table box (worth £100) and I would love nothing more than to win them!

    Oh and I was naughty earlier and had a Waitrose mince pie and lots of brandy cream so my best intentions didn't hold out long!

  • Morning all,

    6.5 days left at work for me. I'm definitely on countdown now.

    How'd you get on at WW tayto?

    We have Roses and Heroes at work. But I'm with you on - Hotel Chocolat's are amazing! We've got some of their Orange Tangs at home for Christmas as a treat. Fingers crossed you win the chocs! I've just had a look at it and it looks incredible!

    I'm much more of a quality over quantity kind of gal these days, I've done the same with tea, I'm much more into all the different teas now than I used to be.

    No update on me, plodding through the 2WW - hope the rest of you are keeping busy. xx

  • Hi Ladies!

    Glad you both had good weekends, I'm another for Hotel Chocolat yum! H got me an advent calendar from there this year :-)

    Tayto - Hope WW went well, I'm going to join up in the New Year so you'll have company lol!

    Sally - Hope the 2ww isn't driving you too crazy when is af due?

    AFM - Still very up and down, was so postive at the weekend but feeling a bit rubbish again now. Trying to focus on all the other good things in my life which I'm really lucky to have. Recovered from all my drinking but not the embarrassment lol!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Hi ladies, hope you're all good.

    Tayto - Hope WW went well! Don't blame you regarding the mince pie!

    Sally - fingers crossed for you my lovely xx

    Lulu - huge hugs. I hope that you're looking forward to Christmas despite this. Good idea to count blessings once in a while but don't forget that you are allowed to get upset over this - you're human. Hope your embarrassment  eases soon - there's always someone who's done much worse so don't worry too much about that :-)

    AFM - looking forward to wrapping up work for the holidays. Have had enough of it and am super stressed out, I have three late meetings this week and have told everyone that I am not doing any more before Christmas. On the plus side I am hoping to be able to go to the US office in February so I don't have to give up my evenings! TTC wise I have no clue what day I'm on.

  • Tayto I've just reread your post. I'm sorry about your Dad. Xx

  • Hi lulu - sorry you're feeling down again. Lots of hugs heading your way. I'm due on Xmas day, but I usually start spotting a little before so should know before then.

    Hi Enjayee - totally with you on wrapping up for work. I'm rapidly losing motivation. We've had a lot of unfair changes lately so I'm not exactly in a work frame of mind. Sorry yours is super stressy though - when do you finish? Sounds interesting about heading to the US office!

    I'm getting a new phone today and I'll all excited!

  • Afternoon everyone!

    Tayto, sorry you had a sad weekend but lovely that you got to catch up with family. How long since you moved from Ireland? Fave choccies... All chocolate! I have such a sweet tooth and am not picky!

    Sally, if 4dpo already then 13dpo is Christmas eve... What a lovely Christmas present a bfp would be!

    Lulu, sorry you're feeling down. Have you got some lovely things planned over the Christmas period?

    Enyajee,  glad you're nearly done for Christmas, you de some relaxation and 'you' time.

    Afm, getting through some Christmas prep slowly! 1 work day down and 2 to go. Only 2dpo and symptom spotting already, it's amazing how your brain plays tricks on you, no wonder ttc can drive us crazy!

  • I finish on 23rd, although I left the office early today as I have a stress induced headache - got home and cried for about five minutes. I'm fine when working with certain people, but there are two in particular who always make me feel really small. It's not even blatantly done either, it's really subtle. And I feel I've been chipped away at. I've never been used for what I'm good at at my current place despite me telling them this THREE times but I'm still being used to plug a gap. And I'm stuck here too - starting IVF next means that it's definitely not the right time to job hunt. I'm getting increasingly down about it as there's of course a chance that IVF won't work which means so much wasted time and stress at that place.

  • Evening all! Sorry I haven't been on - manic busy at work today!

    Sally - Love heroes - we haven't had too much of that type of sweet stuff this year, mainly mince pies so far but there's still time! What kind of new phone? I love tinkering with new phones! Hope the 2ww isn't driving you mad!

    Lulu - sorry you're feeling down - wish there was something I could say to cheer you up. Have you anything nice planned for xmas? What embarrassment did you cause yourself? I'm intrigued! 

    Enjayee - hello lovely! Sorry work is still being a PITA - is there anyone at all you could offload to about being able to do other work? We have an office in the US too so sometimes I'm expected to stay on late but I do my best to get out of it!

    Mrs 50's - well done on getting through the Christmas prep - do you do dinner at your place or do you get to go elsewhere? I know what you mean about symptom spotting, in the first few months of TTC, my FF charts are hilarious as I was noting everything I had. These days, I just about do my temp and BD days! I've been here 3 years now - I had just moved over one month at the time my dad suddenly passed away so I never forget. I have the best memories of him though as I had finished my previous work in May '11 and didn't take up my current job until Nov '11 so it meant I had almost 5 lovely months at home with him and my mum. (And our doggie Prince who has sadly since passed away also)

    AFM - did really well at WW last night - lost 3.5lbs so brings my total in my first month to 8.5lbs! TTC wise, AF is definitely coming but I'm perfectly ok with it. Not looking forward to xmas with the in laws though and SIL going on about how amazing her baby is.... Grrrr... Positive thoughts Tayto, positive thoughts!

  • Morning all,

    Mrs 50s - it would be lovely wouldn't it? I'm staying "realistically hopeful" but we'll see. Glad your prep is coming on - our brains are so sneaky. Crazy what they can do to you! Hope the 2ww isn't too bad for you.

    Hi Enjayee - that does sound really shitty. It's awful having to go to a place you don't like? Can you raise it with anyone?

    Hey tayto - great news about WW! Well done! Glad you're feeling ok about AF arriving.  That's lovely that you got to spend time with your Dad before he passed - my dad died suddenly 18 months ago - sucks doesn't it? x

    AFM - Fell asleep on the sofa ridiculously early last night, think I need that break at Christmas. Woke up to find one of the cats had stolen her present and was batting it around the room paper and all! Munchkin.

    Hi to those who follow. xx

  • I have my review next year and I plan to map out stuff I want to do long term. Short term I'm going to suck it up as we need to get stuff out the door but I need a proper review of what my actual role is as it's become so mixed and stuff I'm good at has been taken away. I've discovered I have some new skills here which is great, but there are people and things I hate working with. I shouldn't have to put up with being made to feel like crap. I actually want to see if I can work more with the company website but I don't think that'll go down too well. But hopefully they'll understand that I have to be happy at work and I just can't be happy when I'm being chipped away at. Grrr. Hate that it coincides with the TTC stuff too, I just feel so down and not in the mood for anything.

  • Just remembered that my husband said last night we could get a piano! He was a little drunk but I'm holding him to it. That has cheered me up for the afternoon :-)

  • Afternoon all - another busy morning for me at work so only just getting 5 mins now to get on!

    Sally - Sorry to hear about your dad & yes, it definitely sucks, I really miss mine this time of year. Maybe an early night for you tonight? That's funny re the cat and the present - did she ruin the wrapping or will it do?!

    Enjayee - I think you're right to raise it with them and let them know it's not on - best of luck with that. Ooohh, a piano? Can you play? I did want to learn some time but never got around to it!

    AFM - 11DPO so just waiting for AF. Cramps are definitely ramping up. In other news, got a wedding this weekend but no dress so gonna go out tomorrow night & try find something. Also going out to buy our Christmas tree tonight - we had a real one last year as we stayed in UK but this year, we'll get a fake one as we'll be away for 2 weeks. Have my work end of year appraisal later today so fingers crossed for me :-)

  • Hi Ladies!

    Tayto and Sally sorry to hear about your Dads hugs for you I can't imagine how hard that must be.

    Mrs 50's - Lucky you finishing up this week enjoy!

    Sally - That is funny about your cat bless!

    Enjayee - I know what you mean about not wanting to leave work when ttc, I've been thinking about this for a year now but I just don't know if I can take the risk.  I hope you can sort some things out at your review.

    Tayto - Well done at ww that is amazing I'm definitely joining you in the new year! Good luck with your review!

    AFM - Talking of reviews I had mine and it all went well no objectives though as I can't really take my role any further which is annoying and why I am bored.  Got a slight pay rise and bonus though which is good but at the same time makes it harder to leave as the money is better here than anywhere else. Still got a few more bits to get for Christmas but I can get them during my lunch breaks tomorrow and Friday.

    What do you all have planned for Christmas and NY? We are going to friends Christmas and will do family stuff the days after and we are not sure on NY now as our original plans have been cancelled.  I'm not too bothered but do feel like we should do something.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • A piano sounds fab Enjayee - definitely hold him to it! I'd loved to have been able to play.

    tayto - she's ripped the paper a bit, but I'm sure she won't mind come Christmas morning (I'm aware I may sound crazy buying the cats pressies!). This time of year is always harder. though its my mum I worry about the most, though she's doing wonderfully I am always conscious it'll be much harder at Christmas, especially as Dad was such a big kid and loved this time of year. I'll stop bringing the thread down now!

    Fingers crossed for your appraisal - hope you get on ok!

    Lulu - good news about your appraisal and payrise! I get what you mean though, I'm well paid for what my job is, but I'm bored beyond belief. I won't get the same elsewhere but with TTC I'm quite conscious about leaving then falling pregnant if you get me? Your Christmas plans sound lovely.

    For Christmas Eve - me and the hubby will have a night to ourselves, and have some nice picky bits.

    Christmas day - H and I are off to my sisters, with her husband, my 6month old niece and my mum

    Boxing day - In-laws with my sis-in-law, & nephew.

    No idea about NYE, we'll probably just have a quiet one. Got lots of meals out booked in starting this weekend though, so it's busy here on out! x

  • Lulu - well done on the review and payrise! Why has NY been cancelled?

    Sally - Not crazy at all to buy pressies for your cat - I think she's on the naughty list now though?! Your xmas plans sound like fun!

    AFM - My appraisal went fine. We talked a little about my promotion which isn't going to be announced until Jan now which is a pain but I'll be ok. Xmas plans are just awful - originally we were going to stay with the in-laws and just spend as little time with them as possible and then last night H chose to reveal that we'll be expected to spend longer with them and have the usual formal dinners with them that he previously said he'd get out of. We had a huge fight and I'm not sure what to do now :-(

  • Evening all!

    Tayto - we don't have a set routine at Christmas since being married; our first Christmas marrier (2012) we knew we were about to start TTC so we offered to host both sets of parents in the hopes it would get our turn 'out of the way'! Last year we went to visit H's parents in the morning and then to my parents for Christmas dinner. This year, my parents are doing dinner again but H's parents are joining us. Mum likes to go to church on Christmas morning so I'll probably go with her and take R, and H will likely go and muck out the horse ;) then join us afterwards at my parents' house. I'm so sorry you lost your dad, but glad you got a special few months at home with him before he passed. Enjoy dress shopping tomorrow! As for in-law problems, fake illness?!

    SallyLou - naughty kitten! Our youngest girl-cat keeps climbing the Christmas tree (it's her first experience of Christmas!) and stealing baubles, it's quite cute really. Hope you're getting chance for a good rest over Christmas.

    Enyajee - a piano is exciting! Have you played for long, or is it something you want to learn?

    Lulu - hurrah for payrise and bonus! A shame you're bored though, what do you do? Is there any scope for you developing your own role further? For Christmas plans see above, and for New Year we're having our 2 best friends over to play board games... we're way too old to be going out partying now! We've done this for the last 3 years and it's brilliant fun. The last 2 years I do think me and the other wife made it up til midnight!! Maybe that should be our aim this year?!

    Afm, 3dpo. The next 2 days will go quickly as I'm teaching all day, and then it's full on madness for 5 days in preparation for Christmas - I'm making both sets of parents a traditional patchwork quilt. Having never quilted before in my life, and rarely touched a sewing machine (it's not even mine, it's my husband's!) I set the bar quite high but they're looking gorgeous so far so I'm really pleased. Stressed about getting them finished on time though, and I'm also arm-knitting infinity scarves for mum, sister and MIL so it's all time! Christmas cards all written though and mostly handed over, just a couple more to post.

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