***Thursday TTC***

Morning everyone!


Veecee - Just saw your post from last night, sorry I've not heard that one but I have heard about strange tastes in the mouth not just metallic.  Any sign of AF today?

AFM - 8dpo one week until af is due, boobs are sore as they normally are a week before af so I guess it's not a symptom no idea why they started hurting a couple of days early I guess my body just wants to play games! No other symptoms at all trying to focus on my holiday instead, only just over a week to go!

Hi to all who follow! xx


  • Morning Lulu! Sorry to hear AF could be on her way. How has temping been going for you? Remind me where you're going on holiday again?

    AFM - CD19, 7DPO. Nothing to report, just waiting and waiting! My mum returned back to Ireland today and I'm getting really emotional about it. Wish she could have stayed longer :-(

  • Hi Tayto, that is a shame your mum is leaving hope you are ok.  How is the walking coming along?

    Temping is ok now, my temps have been high all week but I won't be able to temp at the weekend as I'm out Friday and Saturday night. I'm off to Italy :-)

  • Hey all. I didn't get on yesterday as I was babysitting for my friend. Her little boy is 9 months old. I survived. He survived! Result!

    Absolutely shattered today.

    Lulu sore boobs are from the progesterone that is now building up after ovulation. I always got REALLY sore boobs when pregnant. To the point I couldn't touch them. So if they get worse and don't die down a day or so before you are due on its a great sign! As the progesterone drops (if you aren't pregnant) they stop hurting. If they stay bad and get worse, the prog is increasing!

    Tayto sorry to hear you are sad about mum leaving. Hugs to you. xx

    AFM - CD6. Looks like H is going on his course, so I'm not hopeful for this cycle unless I have a freak early ovulation!

  • Lulu - good to hear temping is coming along, have a lovely time in Italy - which part are you going to? My walking is alright, still on 2 crutches though!

    Rod - lol at the survival of you both yesterday! Sorry to hear H won't be around - if you know you won't have a chance, will you still have to do the injections?

  • They're not injections, they're suppositories. No less grim though!

    I guess it depends when I ovulate. If we have DTD within 2 days of ov then I will still do them, but if not I might not bother. Because my period was later than I thought I am likely to ovulate (all being well) on 1st or 2nd June. He goes away on the morning of the 2nd. So if we can DTD on the sunday night we're in with a shot. However, that's hoping that I do ovulate then. and its not late.

  • Thanks for explaining Rod, I can't believe I am wishing for them to hurt more lol! Sorry to hear your H is going on his course, Hope you ov early so you can catch it!

    Tayto - Glad your walking is going ok.  We are going to the Amalfi Coast, never been before it's meant to be beautiful. I keep trying to tell myself if we're not lucky this cycle at least I can enjoy some wine on holiday but I'd much rather be pregnant!

  • Ahh, sorry Rod - dunno what made me think they were injections! Here's hoping for early ov for you then x

    Lulu - Haven't been there myself  either but have heard lovely reports of it. I'm hoping you don't get to enjoy the famous Italian wine then! :-)

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