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***TTC w/c 23rd September***

Morning JJ! Hopefully another 3! :-D Great news RE potential ovulation, hopefully it is real. No plans for me, same as you - work! Boo.

AFM - CD13 (I think?!). No test this morning - I know it will be a BFN so haven't bothered. My CM is being bizzare, and its making me question whether I've even ovulated this cycle now. I think if I don't have either an AF or BFP this week I'll be going to the doctors and trying to push them with fertility referral, just for the testing stage more than anything. I don't think I can go through thinking I have ovulated when I haven't again if that is what is happening! Still got sore boobs, but nothing else.



  • Morning ladies,

    JJ: Hope you timed it well, only time will tell though

    Pepperoni: Hope you get the support you need if you body hasn't given you a clear answer soon.

    Congratulations to all those who got their bfp's last week, wishing you all smooth, eventful free pregnancies x

    AFM: Having got the BFN yesterday I was convinced I was out for this month but my body is being very confusing. I'm 12dpo & for the last 2 days & today I've had a little spotting along with some bad cramping & backache that comes & goes. I've also had tingling down below. I ofetn get spotting before my af but it's usually more & I don't normally get cramps until the 2nd full day of af. I've been trying to look up when I tested my I got my last bfp but I can't search old hitched. I'm fairly sure that it was about 4 or 5 days after I was due so maybe too early for the sore boobs part. I don't want to keep my hopes up but part of me is still convinced that I'm pregnant. It's really messing with my mind though & I've had real problems getting to sleep the last few nights. I expect sometime between Wed-Fri so if it hasn't arrived by Wed (14dpo) I'll test again. I will try to keep myself busy & not think about it (I did a lot of washing, dishwashering, tidying... yesterday!)

  • Blackkat - I understand why that would be mind consuming for you. I have my FX.

    You read a lot about people just 'knowing' - I think I've tried to convince myself that I just 'know' I am, as if I believe that then it must mean I am, because thats how most people who are feel! Ha! I'm such a loser.

  • I'm sticking around for a bit, but I got a positive on an FRER this morning :) faint, but definitely positive, and not on a cheap test.

    As far as just knowing, I've been convinced that it wasn't going to happen this month.. Even with my faint shadows and line I really didn't think it was happening until yesterday.  And even now it's so early that it might end up a chemical pregnancy if it doesn't stick for a few more days..

    Hence sticking around a bit longer.

  • morning all

    JJ - that's encouraging. Hope everything is doing it's work inside you right now!!

    Pepperoni - how infuriating and confusing. Hope you get a BFP this week.

    Blackkat - finger crossed for you. I hope your head is right about it.

    Wispa - understandable. have you made a drs appointment?

    Afm - cd3 so just going to enjoy having nothing to think about as regards all of this this week. It's a busy one at work: I work at a uni and all our new students start this week so I've lots of meet and greet and be happy and shiny about work talks.

  • No appointment made yet, moving to Paris in 2 weeks, so should probably get in before then I suppose :/

  • Morning Ladies,

    Wispa - Missed it on the other thread but congratulations! so exciting.

    JJ - I know how you feel - i have long anovulatory cycles.

    Pepperoni - Have you had bloods on CD2 and 21? they might be worth a shot. I had my CD2 ones but because i'm not regular enough i havent been for the 21 yet.

    Blackkat - Fingers crossed you get an answer one way or another.

    Veecee - Hopefully works not too bad for you this week - i imagine it must be quite manic this time of year.

    AFM - 11dpo. spotting, if you can call it that, stopped. Was only around Thursday night and friday. Chart is all over the place though. for the last week I've bounced from 36.7 down to 36.2/36.3 every other day. dont really know why as my sleeping hasnt changed. It is a fairly new thermometer though so maybe its just abit pants. I dont feel even remotely pregnant. I feel completely relaxed and absoloutely fine. no pains, sickness, boob soreness, nothing. probably means its not my month but at least i'm feeling good haha

  • Wispa - Congrats, really pleased for you :) I understand why you are hesitating but I hope its a sticky one for you.

    Wishful - I have had CD21, and it showed low progesterone - but it would as it wasn't timed properly. I'm not sure if I've had CD2? What does that show? I definitely only have a concern over my progesterone levels, everything else is fine. That comes back low - but like I say, having always been done at the wrong time (pre-ovulation) its likely to.

  • Oh and I've had a scan - all fine.

  • I am lurking again :D Pepperoni I really think you would benefit from temping, You seem to have very confusing cycles

  • CC - I've started! 2 days in :) Ha!

  • This is my crazy FF chart

  • It's looking good :)

    Keep up with it :)

  • I'll try - the hardest part is remembering to take it before you jump out of bed!

  • You get used to it, Pepperoni!  

  • Morning all!

    Wow - a few days away and 3 bfps! Congratulations!

    AFM, CD20, 6dpo and firmly in the 2ww. Don't think it's our month though and if by any tiny chance it was the poor thing would have been pickled after Friday night.... didn't mean to drink that much red just sort of happened!

  • Pepperoni - The CD2 blood test checks FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). If its high on CD2 apparently it can mean diminishing ovarian reserve. E2, which should remain low constantly and if high would indicate a cyst and LH, which if high could indicate poly cystic ovaries. I got tested for other things too but cant remember them. Its quite a good test to get done though. oh, and for CD21 tests, apparently you can go 7 days before your period is due. so in theory if you feel you've confirmed ovulation with OPK, Temps and CM you could book yourself in for a week later to see.

  • LolaB as someone pointed out to me there's no umbilical chord until 6 weeks so they ain't getting anything you consume until then :) gives you time to realise before drinking that much red wine again!

  • Wishful yes I've had that done then - all was fine. I know RE 7 days before, problem is I've not been able to accurately pinpoint ovulation - this cycle is a fine example of that, clearblue advanced put me as having ovulated 17 days ago... which clearly I didn't as I got another positive OPK on IC 4 days after that.... and even when I got that I thought hmmm, we'll see! I'm going to temp take next cycle so that I can try to accurately time my 21 test, I have a slip to have it done again when I can time it properly, but I've already tried and timed it incorrectly about 3 times now. Ooops!

  • Pepperoni: I tried the whole positive thinking thing with this cycle. When I trained for the marathon many moons ago it was suggested to visualise yourself crossing the finishing line. I guess I've been like this with this cycle, willing the sperm & egg to meet then implant.

    Wispa: How exciting to be pregnant in Paris, you'll probably need to sort out a gp quite quickly once you're out there. When I was pregnant before I made an appointment at 6 weeks but they wouldn't sign me up to the midwife until I was 8 weeks (not that they do any checks at all to check that you're actually pregnant until the 12 week scan!).

    Veecee: enjoy meeting the freshers

    Wishful: The thing with pregnacy is that everyone feels it differently, I had the sore boobs & the exhausion last time but very soon that passed & I never really felt properly pregnant until nearly into my 3rd tri as I felt so well! Fingers crossed for you

    Lola: As others have said you don't need to worry about drinking until after 6 weeks! Hope it's a good cycle for you

    AFM: The spotting has increased, it's still only spotting but I think it's the sign that my af is on it's way tomorrow which will be a very short cycle (only cd26 today). Will keep you posted but it's hard to stay positive. Still it's only cycle 1

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