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***Wednesday Chat Thread***

Morning Ladies,

How are we all?

Thought I'd start today as I probably won't get on here until tomorrow afternoon.

So I'm doing ok, slight butterflies every time I think about it but I'm keeping it together, ask me again in the morning lol!  Had a bit of a moment with H, he's been so good and supportive and he got quite upset this morning about it all, H's way of dealing with everything is to be strong for me but he pushes it out of his mind during the build up and then the closer we get to the situation it all comes spiraling out, I hate seeing him upset :( Anyway our fate will be decided tomorrow and hopefully all will be well. The 2ww, should we get there will be a breeze compared to this! 

Hi to all who follow x


  • Morning Claire! Sorry to hear your H is upset, I hope tomorrow brings some really good news and puts both your minds to rest. So, what time will you be going in for and when do you get to go home? I assume no overnight stay? FWIW, I think you're amazingly strong x

    AFM - I misread yesterday's digi OPK as being High rather than Peak so I'm actually ovulating today - CD10 which is very early for me. I do lift shares with a colleague at work so, because I was already late, I had to ring him and say I wouldn't be going with him. I laugh now at the idea that I decided to be late for work so I could get some BD'ing in! I reckon we've missed the boat though as we really should have DTD yesterday and the day before but hey ho, too late to complain now. I felt a bit down but then had a funny/sarcastic moment where I was visualising H's sperm on their way up saying "Wait, wait we're coming.....!" ROTFL

    Hello to all who follow x

  • Tayto - Thank you :) My appointment is 10.20 so I won't have to wait long, it's a fairly simple procedure it seems quite odd really,  the enormoity of it is huge yet the procedure it'self takes 5 mins, with no pain relief or anything, they just insert a catheter into your cervix and deposit the embryos. Nothing compared to the actual egg collection which isn't very nice.

    I've just laughed out loud at the visual ! Hope they caught up! Don't count yourself out, isn't it worth DTD tomorrow.  

    I saw the most amazing thing on facebook yesterday, it actually made me cry, it's the whole journey from the sperm being released to the baby being delivered, I'll see if I can get a link because I've seen these things before but never as detailed as this and it really is a wonderful watch. x

  • Found it.

    I should warn it's 12 mins long so wait until you finish work.

  • Morning all,

    Claire - I'm sorry your husband got upset, it's understandable though, it's such a crazy rollercoaster you are on. I have everything crossed for you. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    I've had the video pop up on my FB too and keep meaning to watch it, I'll try and remember to look tonight.

    tayto - hopefully you'll have caught anyway - I do love the imagery of the sperm though!

    AFM - New bed arrived at 5 last night and is lovely, it only just made it up the stairs though (we live in a townhouse and the stairs curve back on themselves)

    CD13, no peak on digi ov tests as yet, but still a high. Hubby is excited about the TTC and is loving all the DTD so far! I think he must think it's Xmas.

  • Claire - wow, I didn't think it would be so quick so I see what you mean regarding the simplicity of the procedure versus the enormity of it all. I'll hawqve a look at the youtube video later - thanks for that!

    Sally - good to hear the new bed made it! Enjoy all the DTD!

  • Good morning all :)

    Claire - I am sorry to hear about your husband, he sounds similar to mine, Give him extra big squishes from all of us! (Well squishes to both of  you!)

    Tayto - Haha I like that you decided to be late to work for DTD that is amazing and dedication haha! The little cartoon that pops into my head is funny :D!

    SallyLou - Yay to new bed! Glad it made it upstairs! Haha I think H's get the best deal with this TTC stuff!

    I watched that  video half way then I got myself upset so had to stop but it's amazing! Silly me!

    TTC wise nothing to report - H said he will pick up some condoms soon and that just feels so wrong :( But I am terrified of getting pregnant going to the consultants and there like no we wont do anything. Prob really irrational so condoms for now anyways :(!

    I am on here putting off doing my housework :D! My Wii arrived today yay! So H will set that up for me on friday. Hope it helps!

  • Oh CC I am so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking posting that I feel dreadful :( I am so sorry. xxx

  • Oh don't be silly it was just me :) Don't feel dreadful it's honestly fine! xxx

    It's a really lovely (Film??) I don't know what to call it lol! 

  • No it's not you CC, it was really insensitve of me, I wasn't thinking. xxx

  • It wasn't insensitive at all :)

  • Thanks CC.  xx

  • CC - fully understandable re the consultants, hope you hear from them soon re an appointment. Good luck with the wii - I must do some tonight!

    AFM - just had a nice long chat with my bestie back home, miss her so much Cry

  • Hi Ladies,

    Been busy at work so a bit late here today.

    Claire - I'm sorry your H got upset, but it's probably good that he let some emotion out or it would just be building up. You're doing really well and I still have everything crossed for you.

    Tayto - It's not too late it's still possible, I've read lots of ladies posts saying they've dtd the day after O and still had a bfp so keep the faith!

    SallyLou - Glad you got the new bed in! I hope it's lucky!!

    CC - You probably are doing the right thing being careful until you see the consultant, I really hope that you get an appointment soon x

    AFM, it's CD1 bang on time so I'm going to go for my blood test tomorrow on CD2 like the consultant said. I also phoned up for the HSG this morning and I'm booked in for Wednesday of next week. And it's Bake-Off day today.... anyone got any predictions on who is going, I think it could be Martha.

  • Dolly - thanks for the faith! Good luck for the blood test tomorrow - is that to check FSH levels? That's good re the HSG, I've heard lots of success stories re high fertility after a HSG so I will have my fingers very tightly crossed for you x

  • Yes it says FSH on the form... does anyone know what this actually means, what are they checking?

  • Have a look at this link - it's the first one - mentions checking ovarian reserve:

    I was having a look at this earlier today when I was worried about early ovulation and one of the forum posts I saw recommended this site for hormone levels explanation.

  • Ah cool thanks Tayto :-)

  • Dolly - glad you have tests booked in and things are moving for you. I think you could be right on your prediction for GBBO, she seems the weakest of the remaining contestants.

    Did you get your housework done CC? I think it's a good call on the condoms until you hear from the consultants - do you know when it's likely to be?

  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry for being a bit AWOL this week - work's been crazy busy and we've been trying to get H's house ready to rent out again as the new tenants move in tomorrow. We've just got back after a mad final cleaning session. I'm glad that it is all done now and hopefully I won't have to do that again for at least another year!

    Claire - so sorry hear that your H has been upset today. It must be so stressful for you both... I have everything crossed that tomorrow goes well X

    I didn't realise that the procedure was that quick either!

    Tayto - Hope that you didn't tell your boss why you were late for work! Great excuse though....!

    SallyLou - We have some new bedroom furniture coming next month and I am dreading trying to get it up the stairs. Are you using the CB digi tests? I bought some IC ones but I couldn't read them properly so I think that I need something a bit more straightforward!

    CC - We were sort of in the same situation as you last month as I was told to wait one cycle after my ERPC before TTC again. We bought condoms at Birmingham airport on the way to our holiday and it felt really strange. I hope that you hear from the consultant soon. Enjoy your Wii!

    Dolly - Good luck for your blood test tomorrow.

    AFM - I am CD13 so gearing up for ov I think, if everything has gone back to normal again. I still haven't heard anything from my doctor as to whether he's managed to get me an early referral for some recurrent miscarriage investigation, but he did saw it might take a couple of weeks to hear back from the consultant.

    I caught up with GBBO on the iPlayer at the weekend so I am up to date now. Does anyone else watch the spin off show with Jo Brand? I love it!  

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