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***Weekly Good/Bad Thread***

time to reflect on the past week....

GOOD - I'm off work until Tuesday

GOOD - got a new user name 

GOOD - had a brilliant day with OH sightseeing, eating, drinking and cinema. 

GOOD - 2ww nearly over

BAD - temps took a plummet this morning so Sunday AF is inevitable. 

GOOD - a couple of drinks will be lined up for Sunday night once AF is here

BAD - I need to continue temping for another cycle. 

Hope everyone is doing ok. 


  • Good - Tomorrow is my day off

    Bad - Nobody is online and I'm bored!

    Good - Got the go ahead for fertility tests today

    Bad - My joints are aching and I can't sleep

  • Hello - thought I'd start posting here again!

    Good - have official letter from Charring Cross saying I am officially discharged and ready to TTC again!

    Good/ Bad - in first 2ww for six months and it's dragging! Already!

    Good - H has booked a spa night for us so looking forward to relaxing today and tomorrow.

    Bad - work has been evil this week and I'm exhausted. Like tears exhausted.

    Good - it's the weekend!!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • Oooh, not been here for one of these in a while.

    Good - I had yesterday off and slept until mid afternoon....I soooo needed it.

    Bad - I have a half marathon in 8 days that I am so not ready for, as I've been out for six weeks with an injury.

    Good - I'm finally starting to feel human again, mostly due to being in school, I think.

    Good - School has been amazing this week, and reinforced the fact that this really is the right career choice.

    Good - Slimmer of the week on Thursday at SW, and only one pound to lose to get my stone award Big Smile

    Good - Off to a Beerfest tonight with H, some quality time is long overdue.

    Hi to all who follow Wave

  • Good - it's the weekend.

    Good - H is home.

    Bad - I've started spotting. 7dpo is my shortest LP yet.

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