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**Tues TTC**

Good morning ladies,

Having had a few days to bury my head in the sand & sulk about not being pregnant I'm back for cycle 3. Bizarrely I'm almost not as bothered this cycle as I would prefer a September birthday rather than an August 1 (or maybe I'm trying to double bluff my body!!). 1 of the girls from my post natal class has just announced she's pregnant so more jealous but I'll survive.

Saff: let us know your test results today!

Hope everyone is well x x


  • Hey BK, glad you're feeling a bit better.

    It's another bfn from me yet another temp rise (36.97), so I'm giving up. Today's test was a FRER an I'm 12dpo so I'm trusting it, I'm just going to wait for AF from here on in...very confused Sad

  • Morning

    Blackcat-funny you should say about being a little relaxed about this cycle as I'm a bit the same. I know it will happen at some point and now the first cycle is out the way I'm feeling good about it.

    Saff-rubbish BFN. Our bodies like to mess with our heads a bit, but you're not out just yet as no AF.

    AFM-our donor is sorted for cd11,12 &13. Does this sound ok to you? My average ov day is cd14 with the odd 13 and 15 thrown in. Going for the have them waiting there, rather than try and catch it. Am I doing it too early?

  • I think that sounds about right V, presumably you're tracking OV in some way, so you will know if it's earlier or later than usual?

  • Yes still temping and opk's.

  • Morning

    Blackkat - glad you are feeling better about it and now you get to look forward to the fun part of ttc :)

    Saff - how frustrating!! when is AF due? obviously you are not out till she arrives but i can imagine this is driving you made

    Vikster - sounds great :) What cd are you now?

    AFM - the clock change has really messed with my temping or I am totally over thinking it. I've been temping at 7am but since the clocks changed I've been waking at 6. Should I take a 6am temp or a 7am temp now? I woke at 6 this morning and temp'd then and it was 36.18. I lay in bed for an hour, slept a little, tried not to move around. Took it again at 7 before I got up and it was 36.45. Substantial difference obviously. Oh wise tempers should I just stick to 6am temps now as my body seems to be waking at that time anyway?

  • Veecee -  im not the best person to advise as i have open circles all over mine as i take it from 5.30 to 7.30 eeeek.  I think your body clock will adjust to waking at 7am so i would stick with that.

    Im CD6 so want to just get testing now.  Got the docs tomorrow as i have this left sided pinching pain when i walk, radiating round my back.  I have a feeling i have a cyst :-(

  • VC - what CD are you and what time did you start temping at? Ideally you would just stick to the same time, but if you find yourself waking at 6am a lot then best just to temp at that time. Are you setting an alarm to temp?

    My LP is normally 12days so AF due tomorrow, although last two cycles were 13/14 days (I suspect the vit B6 in my conception vits is lengthening it) so it could appear right up until Friday I guess.

  • Morning all. I thought I'd post a little update on myself here today. It's now 3 weeks since the miscarriage and slowly getting back to normal. Hubby has gone in for a full day at work today (while I've been signed off, he's been either off or doing half days to keep me company and ferry me to hospital appointments etc.) I'm feeling generally down, in that my depression seems to have been triggered, and while I'm not miserable about anything in particular anymore, I could quite happily spend all day, every day, in bed since I don't see the point in getting up. I'm tackling that though, tomorrow I am meeting a friend for lunch, and then going back to work on Thursday. Work have agreed to swap my shifts, I'm not due in until Friday but I have a consultant appt then so they have let me change. I think going back should help since it's resuming some sense of normality, or as close as you get with my job!

    Yesterday I was in for my MRI, then Friday is the meeting to discuss results etc. If I can at least rule out any physical reason for the miscarriage then I can accept it's hormonal/chemical/genetic probs which I can't control. I know lifestyle isn't an issue, I've stopped drinking, don't smoke, am not overweight and keep active.

    As for trying again, well, we have been for the last week, and I had a couple of days of ewcm, so there's hope. I'm not sure I can get pregnant while there are still traces of pregnancy hormones in my body though. The hospital said it would take about 3 weeks to get a negative test, and my IC test today was the faintest of faint lines, as in, in most lights there's nothing, but a shadow of a line if tilted at a certain angle! Hopefully things are settling down now. If I DID ovulate this week, I'm just desperate for some pg symptoms or AF to arrive. Either will suffice at the moment.

    OK sorry for rambling and lack of personals at the moment, just wanted to write this update since putting it in writing helps get my head straight.

    Thanks ladies xx

  • So sorry that you are here Barefoot, but you are more than welcome

    Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal Hug

    I hope you have a nice lunch with your friend, and that the feedback from your tests is positive, x

  • Morning All!

    I hope everyone was ok yesterday and no damage to homes in the storm!  I didn't get in to work yesterday as there were no trains!

    Blackkat - Sorry you've been feeling down, glad you are feeling a bit more relaxed now.

    Saffron - Sorry it was a bfn, still keeping everything crossed for you!

    Vikster - Those days sound good fingers crossed for you this cycle!

    Hi Veecee! No idea on the temping sorry!

    Barefoot - So sorry you've been having such a rubbish time,I hope the tests come back ok for you. xx

    AFM - Today is cd1 :-( been spotting tiny amounts since Friday but finally started properly today.

  • Blackkat - sorry ur on to cycle 3 - i oddly have the same thing about preferring a September birthday

    Saff - sorry it was a bfn but dont give up yet!

    Vikster - glad u've got the donor dates all sorted those dates sound good to me, good luck

    Veecee - i dont temp so im afraid i have no advice

    Barefoot - sorry ur having such an awful time :(

    Lulu - sorry its CD1 hopefully this cycle will be urs

    Afm - CD25, 5dpo (i think) the old boobs still tender/sensitive

  • Hi all - no personals from me today, but wanted to dish out some hugs and posititvity!

    CD13..neg opk but have had some low down achey pains which I think is my body gearing up for ovulation, so perhaps I will get a pos tomorrow....

    Off to watch H's cousins footy match tonight so need to wrap up warm!! x

  • Hey ladies!  I've just got back from kingston - spent my entire morning at work (luckily I have my own office) phoning all 10 of my local boots to try and track down a clearblue fertility monitor until I ended up reserving 3 in different stores and working out which was easiest for me to get to.

    Then blew off work a bit earlier to I could go and get to boots.

    Just blew £150 in boots on (1) baby making machine (2) 2 x lots of wee sticks and (3) packet of new batteries for said baby making machine

    It says 87% effective in the first two cycles.... all my hopes are not pinned on this ;o)

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