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~*~ Monday TTC ~*~

Morning all - how we all doing this fine Monday morning?!

We almost got our smallest bedroom done at the weekend so we're really proud of ourselves. Just need to do a final coat of paint and replace carpet with flooring then we can start the next room! Big Smile

TTC wise - my cycle is a mess - 'nuff said!

Hello to all who follow x



  • hiya tayto, horray for the work done. That's very satisfying indeed I imagine.

    Cd8 here. Not the happiest ttc bunny at the moment and combined with a few things at work I'm feeling very much like I don't have control over my life at the moment. Phoned about my fertility referral as I hadn't heard anything and it's been 4 weeks but they said it's about 10 weeks at the moment for appointments.

    Had a very relaxing weekend though, lots of gardening and reading (finished The Girl Who Save the King of Sweden - excellent book)

  • Hi Ladies!

    Tayto - Oh no what's going on with your cycle? Well done on finishing the work on the bedroom!

    veecee - Sorry you're having a rubbish time, I know what you mean about not having control. Do you have to wait for the refferal for your tests or have you had them already? Sorry I think I should already know but my memory is rubbish at times!

    AFM - Feeling positive after H's great results but still keep flicking back to worrying if there is something wrong with me, I'm not sure what's worse really finding out something is wrong or ending up in the unexplained catagory?! Need to make my doctor's appointment to find out!

    Thanks again to all you ladies for the good luck wishes over the weekend :-)

    Hi to all who follow!

  • veecee - sorry things are rubbish for you at the moment - hope you get your referral through soon so you can at least start to understand why it hasn't happened for you yet. I like the sound of that book - might read it on the kindle when we are away this weekend.

    Lulu - I'm not sure which is worse - having the 'unexplained' answer or something wrong with you - perhaps with the latter, at least they can suggest some course of action? Hope you get an appointment through soon & some good news for you also.

    AFM - AF arrived this afternoon with a serious bang! Am doubled over in pain since lunch time - I stopped taking evening primrose oil this cycle so perhaps that's why it's so bad! Oh well, at least I know where my cycle's at now. Upwards and upwards to cycle two for tayto :-)

  • Hi all!

    Tayto - Well done on getting the decorating done. Sorry to hear about AF. Let's hope she pees off quickly so you can move onwards soon

    Veecee - Sorry to hear you're not feeling great . This TTC can get you down can't it. Hopefully you won't even need that appointment.

    Lulu - Glad to hear it all went well with your H. I'm not sure either. As Tayto said, maybe the latter would be best as you would know where you were going from there. There's so many things they can do for people now. Fingers crossed for a quick appointment.

    AFM - We're back from our holibobs. Back to reality. I think I have missed my window for DTD this cycle, and I'm really not sure what's happening with them at the moment anyway as they are all over the place. Not sure what CD I am and I'm trying not too pay too much attention to it TBH, but my body is telling me I'm around the OV point

  • Tayto - Sorry to hear about AF lets hope ahe doesn't hang around too long.

    VeeCee - Hooe you get a referral soon, they don't seem to realise how much we need these answers.  

    LuLu - Good luck with making the doctors appointment, same as the others I think I would like to know a reason if anytjing as horribke as that is.

    AFM - CD 13 maybe unlucky for some but it is my 2nd peak day on the monitor so lots of baby dancing done this weekend and fingers and toes crossed. The dreaded 2ww has commenced!

  • MS - I hope you're wrong (in the nicest possible way)! Fingers crossed!

    MrsT - Good luck!

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