~*~ Tuesday TTC ~*~

Morning all - how're we doing today? Hope all had a nice long weekend!

AFM - CD24, 12 DPO - AF due tomorrow. Seeing the consultant about my knee later today (3 week check-up) and signed off for another week which would be ace only it's beginning to get me down now - recovery is so slow & I can't do much *sob*

Hello to all who follows & hi to the newbies - feel free to jump in!



  • Heyyy....not much to report for me, CD11, H is going away tonight, back Friday, then away again sunday night and I am pretty sure I will ovulate on Monday so hoping we get to DTD enough over the weekend and the little swimmers stick around!

    Good lucj with the consultant, I have knee issues too its so annoying! x

  • Hi Tayto - Good luck for your appointment today! Take it steady though and don't push yourself too much

    AFM - CD1 today...

    Hi to all those that follow

  • Rod - Really hope your timing is perfect x

  • Morning Everyone,

    Tayto - Good luck with the consultant today

    Rod - I hope you can do enough while h is home!

    Hazel - Sorry it cd1 I feel your pain .....

    AFM - Spotting started on Sunday night, was hoping af to start properly today but still spotting at the moment which is annoying.  After a lovely couple of days I felt so rubbish yesterday, struggling to hold back the tears. I feel so stupid for symptom spotting and at one point actually thinking this would be our month. One more cycle then we are going to the docs, I'm forgetting opks, temping and will even try and forget to count days this cycle.  I really wish I could forget about ttc for a while.  

    Sorry for the moody post, might go and post a rant so I don't bring the thread down anymore.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Rod - delighted to hear H will be around; better save all your energy to jump him at the weekend! :)

    Hazel - I'm gutted for you, I really hoped this would be your month - how long have you been trying now if you don't mind me asking? Any plans to go to doc or anything?

    Lulu - rant away, it's what we're here for. Huge inadequate hugs for you x

  • Lulu - Please don't feel stupid for symptom spotting as we all do it; I'm sure you saw my previous posts from the weekend.

    Can we be moody together? xx

  • Morning

    Tayto - good luck with Consultant & hope knee recovers quick

    Rod - hope u get plenty dtd over weekend ;)

    Hazel - sorry its CD1 :(

    Lulu94 - sorry you're feeling so down, TTC is so hard, big hugs xxx

    Afm - 9dpo today - being having AF cramps on & off, expecting her on Sat/Sun

  • Hi ladies. Is there room for a little one?

    I'm MummySimpson, had baby D 6 1/2 months ago. Me and H have been wanting to have another since but as I was BF couldn't get pregnant. Well now we are weaning and AF has arrived. Super excited to actually be able to TTC. So does this make me CD1? I've forgotten all this from before.

    Tayto - Good luck for your appointment today

    Rod - Have fun DTD

    Hazel - Sorry to hear that AF has arrived

    Lulu - Don't feel sorry for the moody post, that's what we are here for. It's totally normal to be symptom spotting

  • Cooper - Fingers crossed AF stays clear for you

  • Cooper - sorry to hear you're out, hugs x

    ms - lovely to have you back with us! If AF arrived today, then yes, today is CD1. Fingers crossed for you & I hope you have a nice short TTC journey.

  • Cooper - Thank you. Hope your cramps aren't too bad x

    Hi MS! I'm sure all the terms will come flooding back to you. Hope you have a short journey - is it rude of me to ask if your first journey was smooth? (I know it would be in real life, but this place is slightly different!

  • Hazel - We had a fairly smooth TTC journey, it took us around 6 months to conceive.

  • Hazel - Yes I saw your posts, I'm gutted you're out as well xx

    Cooper - Fingers crossed for you!

    Mummysimpson - exciting times, hope your journery is a short one.

  • Ooh cool - hope this one is similar :)

  • Hello All

    Tayto - hope you're healing nicely. It won't be long now till you can TTC.

    Rod - fingers crossed H is around at the right time.

    Hazel - sorry to hear it's CD1.

    Lulu - it's very hard to not htink about TTC when you are TTC. I'm only a month in and it's often on my mind.

    Cooper - hopefully AF stays away and this is your month.

    MS - hi nice to 'meet' you. I hope you're only here for a little while (in the nicest possible way)

    ARM - CD11 nothing to report I'm afraid just waiting for OV I guess.

  • Hi ladies, lovely to see this thread so busy! :)

    Tayto - Good luck for your appointment later - do you have to have any physio on it?

    Rod - That sounds like pretty good timing, i'm sure you'll have a very fun weekend coming up!

    Hazel - so sorry its CD1 for you. I feel your pain with the symptom spotting, i had such a good feeling last cycle and was gutted when all the signs weren't the right ones for me

    Lulu - sorry to you too, don't apologise to us about how you're feeling, we all understand. I think that's a good plan you have about trying to not to focus on it too much this month and see what happens xx Can i ask how long its been?

    Cooper - sorry you think AF is coming, although don't count yourself out just yet, you still got plenty of time yet!

    MrsS - hello!! Lovely you are back in this crazy world of TTC - hope you and the rest of us won't be here for too long!

    Phew! Hope i haven't missed anyone!! AFM - end of CD5 for me, and waiting for AF to exit the building! Still got ages til the exciting bit though! Bought some sperm friendly lube yesterday - you can't really get any of the well known stuff in Oz without online ordering it but thought we'd give this a go as next week is fertile week before we spend a minimum of 6 weeks living with the in-laws before we can get into our house back at home!! Going to have all guns blazing this cycle and thinking positive! Only 3 more days left at work so next week is timed pretty perfectly although i think my stress levels might be through the roof!!!

  • Tonka - Really hope it's perfect timing for you! We're living with the inlaws at the moment and last month was really difficult sneaking around! Fingers crossed for a fun week for you

  • Rosco - Hope you ov soon.

    Tonka - Hope AF leaves you soon! This new cycle will be cycle 12 so will be off to the docs at the end of June :-( didn't think it would come to this so feeling a bit sad about it all.

  • Rosco - Can you remind me, are you tracking ov or are you just letting it take it's course for now? Sorry, I'm sure you've told us but I've forgotten!

    Tonka - fingers crossed for a good week next week!

  • Tayto - I tried OPKs last month but I don't think I could test at the right time in the day I had other OV signs so EWCM etc but no positive OPK so I've given it up as a bad lot. I'll keep an eye out for natural OV signs but I'm not monitoring it. I leave the house before 8am and I don't get back till 6ish so I think I missed the surge. If nothing happens in a couple of months I may have to invest in more and try at work.

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