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~*~ Weekly Chat Thread w/c 17th Nov *~*

Morning all! Figured as I'm back in the office now I might as well start a thread! Due to the dwindling numbers, I figure weekly is best but we can play it by ear anyway!

Hope everyone is good - not much news from me really. H had a great time at the stag party and I spent the entire weekend just doing craft stuff for work - heaven!

Hello to all who follow x



  • Hi Tayto!

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend I hope you're h isn't suffering too much! How are you finding it not trying this month? Have you stopped temping and opks?

    I had a nice weekend but feel shattered today! Need to start Christmas shopping eeeek!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning Lulu! To be honest, I've really liked the not trying - I could get used to this! I did do the CB opks when I was away but mainly because I could make sure we had missed the window - I temped as well for a few days - again to make sure we missed the window. I'm hanging them up though for the next two months!

    What did you do over the weekend? Anything exciting?

    I need to do xmas shopping too - I really hate it!

  • Morning all,

    Hi tayto - nice to see you back - glad you enjoyed your weekend and you're enjoying the not trying. I must admit I've felt less pressure without the OPK's this month.

    Hi lulu - did you do much this weekend? I've started my Xmas shopping, and have ideas for everyone but H. Haven't the foggiest what to get him.

    Anyone have any good ideas what to do with parsnips? We've had a mega crop - I have soup, stews and roasted parsnips planned but I am after inspiration!

    Had a food fest this weekend - Betty's in Harrogate on Sat then takeaway curry last night. Yum.

    Hi to everyone else. x

  • Glad you're enjoying the not trying Tayto you sound very relaxed which is great.

    Sally - Your weekend sounds great! Sorry the only thing I know with parsnips is roasted yum! Are parsnip crisps easy to make?

    I met up with a friend for lunch on Saturday which was nice and did nothing yesterday but for some reason I'm still shattered today I think it's just that Monday feeling! Only 2 weeks until Paris now eeeeek :-)

  • Morning everyone,

    I hope you don't mind me hanging around here for a bit but until AF is late I can't bring myself to accept that this might be happening.

    Tatyo- good to have you back! What did you make over the weekend? I love crafts but my skills don't match my enthusiasm.

    Lulu- you must be so excited for your trip :-) I'm also yet to start xmas shopping. Every year I leave it until the last minute. Your weekend sounds lovely,

    Sally- I love parsnips but can't think of any other things to do with them. I'd just eat masses of roasted parsnips. Your very good starting your xmas shopping.

    AFM- went for a nice walk with H on sat & then had ny mum over for lunch on Sun. AF due or not due tomorrow

  • Sally - I'm clueless on all things food - H is the cook in our house so I can't suggest anything! Well done on the xmas shopping - hope you'll get some inspiration soon for your H. The food fest sounds great!

    Lulu - sounds like a lovely weekend! Can't believe only 2 weeks to Paris - have you all your stuff sorted as per our resident travel guide's (ST) recommendations?!

    Peggs - Feel free to hang out here as long as you like! Fingers crossed AF doesn't show!

    Have to go out at lunchtime and really not looking forward to it - hate the rain!

  • Oh, forgot to add, Peggs - I decorated candles at the weekend - I can't flash as I've forgotten my usb cable but will pop one up tonight - am very proud of them!

  • Fab idea Lulu - will give them a go tonight. Can't believe it's only 2 weeks until Paris. How exciting!

    Hi Peggs - hang around as long as you need. Have you tested again since the other day? Fingers crossed for you.

    Hope you didn't get too wet at lunch tayto - it's dry here, just chilly.

  • Tatyo- looking forward to seeing your candle creations :-)

    Sally- I tested every day from Thurs-Sun & have positives each day. They are clear positives but they aren't dark lines. I have a CB digi that I'll test with tomorrow morning. Parsnip crisps sound amazing. Let me know how they come out.

  • Just crashing to say Good Luck Peggs, hope the CB is the reassurance you need to start believing this is happening.

    Hello to all my lovely TTC'ers, glad to see you're all doing well. x

  • Good luck with your CBD test today Peggs - I look forward to seeing the flash!

    Hi Claire! I saw your other post on BT about headaches, sorry to hear that & hope something will work for you x

    Sally - did you do anything with the parsnips?

    Lulu - Hope you're not feeling as tired today? Monday's gone now, it's ok Big Smile

    AFM - Went to Weight Watchers last night which I found really good. The leader really motivated me so I'm hoping I'll keep it up! I'd like to lose a stone by Xmas if I could and then the remaining stone by March next year - a lot to ask but I've done it before so I know I can (and will) do it again!

    And, for those asking, here's a flash of my candles! (I just decorated them - I didn't mould/pour/dip them!)

  • Wow T, they are amazing, well done you!

    Thank you :) I haven't got one today, they normally come on when I first wake up so I'm hoping I've got away with it today. x

  • Hi Claire - glad you don't have a headache so far. Fingers crossed it stays away. x

    Good luck with the CB test today Peggs - can't wait to see the flash!

    Morning tayto - those candles are fab! I used to make candles (dipping them) but haven't done it in years. Good luck with WW.

    I was lazy last night and left the parsnips, I shall do better tonight and plan on making the crisps and stew.

  • Morning Ladies!

    Tayto - Those candles are amazing! Well done on the weight watchers I know I keep saying it but I really need to do something I just can't shift this 1/2 stone which is annoying as it isn't that much but I can't get rid of it! Keep us updated on how you get on!

    Peggs - Good luck with the cbd today it's sounding very promising!

    Claire - Glad you haven't got a headache today, love your ticker!

    AFM - I'm feeling so demotivated at work I have so much to do but keep putting things off!

    Hi to all who follow! x

  • missed you there sally, yum parsnips and stew sounds lovely proper comfort food!

  • Morning Ladies,

    I'm on my iPhone so apologies for any typos and short personals but wanted to pop on to say thanks for thinking of me :-)

    Tatyo- I love your candles. The detail on the bauble one is amazing

    Claire- I hope the headache fails to make an appearance today. I saw someone yesterday suggested 4Head. I swear by that stuff as well as the cooling strips you stick on your head.

    Lulu- we can be demotivated together. What do you do for work?

    AFM- tested with the CB digi this morning and got a positive at 1-2 weeks. Feeling a lot better but still anxious that AF will make an appearance.

  • Sorry Sally I also missed you. If you could Put some parsnip crisps in the post that would be great ;-)

  • Thanks everyone re the lovely comments on the candles!

    Sally - Good luck with the crisps and the stew - looking forward to seeing the flashes!

    Lulu - Sorry to hear you're de-motivated - I always find it hard to be excited about work when everything is dreary outside!

    Peggs - excellent news on the CBD! So thrilled for you x

    AFM - Just had a meeting with my boss and I've been promoted! It won't take effect until about December and there may be some rocky times ahead with my team but I'm delighted! Bounce

  • Tatyo that's fabulous news. Congratulations xx

  • Hi ladies. Peggs, massive congrats on the CBD, I hope it can start to sink in for you :)

    Lulu - being demotivated about work coupled with TTC issues is horrid. I feel for you. What do you do for a living again? Keep Paris in mind!

    Tayto - huge congrats on the promotion! Amazing news. I am determined for either a raise or some sort of promotion next year!

    Sally - jealous about the parsnips, we can get them here but have to go to the posher supermarkets. You have inspired me to search for them next time I'm in said posh supermarket!

    Claire - hope you are headache free and that little bubba is cooking nicely :-)

    AFM - HSG went fine. I got the all clear, everything went in nicely and out the other side of the tubes. Feeling uber crampy at the moment, I have to keep lying down. H's SA as you know came back with low quality with the suggestion for IVF written by the lab. However our fertility doctor said that what will happen is that the fertility department (to whom he has now officially referred us) will wash the sperm beforehand and judge the quality again. THEN they'll be able to tell us whether it's IUI or IVF. Either way, we need a little push. The next round of people who are entering that 'program' is January so I am really confident that next year we will have our baby on the way at some point. I just feel great that we're no longer in limbo, we have answers, and a plan. Husband is actually being quite brave about it, I could tell it was a right kick in the teeth for him at the doctors but he's been really good. He even said he was relieved it was him and not me. So pleased I can share some happier news with you all :-)

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