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~~~TGI Friday TTC~~~

Morning ladies!

Whooop whooop it's Friday!!!!!  I'm so excited to see the weekend :)

It's CD1 for me today, but it's all fine, I know I messed up the timings this cycle so it's easier to rationalise IYSWIM?

How's everyone doing today and do you have any plans for the weekend?


  • Morning everyone

    GOM - Sorry AF has arrived but glad you are ok about it.

    So the good news from me is that my temp dropped this morning so FF no longer thinks I've O'ved! So there's still hope this month. OPK still neg so just a waiting game now (and I'm not a patient person!!). But at least its nearly the weekend and its my best mates hen do on sat so looking forward to that!

  • GOM ive got that friday feeling too! sorry its CD1 but its easier when you can rationalise.

    Mrs V I have no idea what anything to do with temps means but have fun at the hen!

    CD14 and havent DTD since monday. Hope its not ruined our chances. Aiming to make up for it this weekend haha! x

  • GOM - sorry it's CD1, glad you're feeling OK about it though.

    Mrs V - hope you ov soon! Have fun at the hen do.

    Rod - get shagging!!

    AFM not much news on the TTC front, still just waiting for my body to get off it's @rse and ov. H has booked a spa day for us on Sunday which I'm really looking forward to. Since us TTCers are always told to "just relax" maybe some relaxation will get my body doing what it should!!

  • Happy Friiiiidaaaay!

    GOM - sorry AF has turned up but glad you're feelilng okay about it. There's always next month x

    Mrs V - glad you haven't missed OV after all. Enjoy the hen!

    Rod - enjoy making up for lost time Wink

    Peanut - enjoy the spa, that sounds lovely!

    AFM - CD8. I *think* I'm due to OV around Wed or possibly Thurs next week. Wed is not so good as H goes away on Mon for work for 3 nights. He'll be back Thurs evening so we might still be in with a chance. We'll be DTD lots this weekend just in case my sums are out and I OV a little earlier. To be honest I'm not really focusing on this cycle and am just waiting for AF to arrive again so that I can start using my CBFM! Laugh

  • Rod - I'm not sure I really know either :)

    Peanut - I know the feeling. I'm positive I've not O'ved yet since my TFMR (and that was March!). It's so difficult to relax isn't it?

    Figaro - It would be sods law if you get lucky this cycle and never get to use your CBFM!!

  • Haha, I'd welcome a little bit of sods law on this occasion but I'm not holding out much hope!

  • Tonight i want to cook something super yummy but no idea what.

    I have a wedding thing in Nottingham (3 hour drive) tomorrow, dreading it tho as we are going there and back in the same day, and its just an evening thing!

    Then sunday is my nephews first birthday party, loads of people going though so hopefully we wont need to stay too long.

  • Hi All

    Sounds like some lovely weekends (and lots of sex) will be going on.

    Pretty much word for word what Rod said - CD14 but we DTD on Tues and I'm hoping for soem action tonight but we're getting a curry so may be too full!

    H is working all weekend so I'm staying at a friends house and having a girly night out in newcastle which will be fun, sunday absolutely bugger all apart from recovering

    Hope everyone has fun xxx

  • Grif are you a fellow northerner? I'm up Newcastle way too x

  • Hi all

    Sorry for CD1 GOM

    Mrs V - yay, get to it with H. Hope you enjoy your hen do.

    Rod - have fun with Mr Rod this weekend !!

    Peanut - a spa day sounds perfect. Hope you feel relaxed after it lol.

    Figaro - hope you aren't too late. Njy some fun at the weekend anyway.

    Suzie - I'm exhausted just reading your weekend plans!!!  Hope you have fun.

    Grif - hope the curry doesn't get in the way too much. Have a fab weekend.

    Well I've realised that I have a pretty crap weekend of nothing planned after reading all the amazing stuff everyone is up to. I won't even be DTD with H as I've still got AF. Ah well, wine and Sky+ catch up it is lol.

    Also I have to admit that I caved last night and ordered the CBD OPK kit I was looking at. It's a good price just now and with me having such a busy life getting a 'heads up' a couple of days before ov would be really useful. If I'd used them this month i would probably been able to DTD at the right time instead of being too late. That's the way I've justified it and I'm sticking to that lol

  • Haha, good justifying there Gillsy!

  • Gillsy I don't think it's caving to order opks just sensible when you need to know where you're up to!

    Figaro yes I am! We live in Northumberland a few miles above Morpeth, what about you? Exciting I wasn't sure if there were many people this far up xxx

  • Thanks Figaro and Grif for the understanding lol

  • Hurrah a neighbour! I'm in Newcastle Grif Smile

  • Oh brill! I work in the quayside opposite the pitcher and piano and the millennium bridge xxx

  • I live on the Quayside! How weird is that x

  • Spooky! Will have to sort out a northern meet. I love the quayside, we go to gusto all the time from work xx

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