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Acupuncture and IVF treatment

Hello everyone.

Has or is anyone using Acupuncture during their IVF treatment?
Do you find it useful?
When during treatment session did you have the acupuncture and for how many sessions?
Your experiences would be useful.....


  • I'm not at IVF stage (yet anyway!) but I recall a post from Lamby where she mentioned she was going to start acupuncture for her upcoming IVF. Perhaps put a shout out for her?

  • Yes, I have used acupuncture before and it was really a great experience for me. I also took some herbal supplements but must say acupuncture was really wonderful. My friend recommended me to do that and it was really beneficial. Still if you feel that you need some more information please have a look at this article:
  • I didn't go through IVF but I have had acupuncture during pregnancy before. First was to help bring on labour (which happened 3 days later) and the second was to help get pregnant (which happened the next cycle).

    There is no concrete evidence it was the cause of labour OR conceiving (I did 3 sessions of it during my second pregnancy and my daughter was still born 10 days late and only after a medical induction). However, it was relaxing for me and I enjoyed it. I would be doing it again now that my husband and I are TTC again, but covid lockdowns have put a stop to that 😩.
  • A few friends of mine combined IVF PGS NGS with acupunture and had 1st time success. Good luck!
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