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I know this is a trying to conceive group and we are not trying yet, but I wondered if anyone in here help me understand my cycle? I came off the pill in October as it was giving me migraines and I couldn't get on with any alternatives so I decided to come off it completely. I thought it would be best to come off it before we started trying so I could get my cycle into order, now just when I thought I was getting sorted it’s gone weird again?

Cycle 1 length – 57
Cycle 2 length – 39
Cycle 3 length – 38
Cycle 4 length – 33
Cycle 5 length – 30
Cycle 6 length – so far I’m 10 days late

Is this normal to vary so much, I was hoping that after last month it would be around 30/33 days again this month.

Thank you


  • Hi there - welcome to MD!

    As you may already know, it takes a while for the pill to get out of your system so it can be different for everyone as to when your menses settle down to what's normal for you. I think I've heard it suggested that it can take 6 months for your cycles to return to normal. So, don't worry for now that there might be something wrong. There's some more information in the following links:

    In my own experience, I've never had two cycles the same length and I'm off the pill 1 year now - only been tracking cycle length for the last 8 cycles. Are you tracking when you ovulate? That is a more accurate way to see if there's anything wrong with your cycles - primarily because stress factors can cause delayed ovulation however the part of your cycle after ovulation (Luteal Phase) usually is constant. You can track ovulation by temping, using ovulation predictor kits (opk's) or by monitoring cervical mucus (cm). A bit more info on tracking ovulation methods here:

    When you say you're 10 days late, what cycle day (CD) are you on today - CD40? Have you any symptoms at the moment (like sore boobs, cramps, spotting)? What contraception method were you using? I'm asking this just in case there was a chance of pregnancy? Also, had you any particularly stressful events in your life this month? I've noticed that on a nice calm month where I'm not travelling or particularly busy at work, I ovulate nice and early on CD 12.

    *phew* that was long! I hope I haven't confused you - ask any questions you need clarity on. I'm a little new to this TTC business myself but there are loads of ladies on here who can help so will hopefully be along shortly.

    Also, feel free to come on here any time - I've been on here since Feb even though we won't be TTC'ing for another month at least! The ladies on here are lovely & we love to 'meet' new people!

  • Welcome. It took me at least 6 months to get my cycles to a semi-regular length and then another 3-5 months before I could confidently predict when AF was due. Hopefully you'll settle down quicker but assuming you've tested and you're not pregnant this month I think it might be one of those months that just occur as a curve ball x

  • Hi and welcome to MD!

    I haven't got anything to add, I think Tayto's advice is excellent!  Feel free to join in whenever you like even if you're not actively trying yet x

  • Thank you ladies for your quick replies, I wasn't expecting to get any replies so soon and I am grateful for your responses. Especially you telling me that each month varies and this is normal!

    I haven't even thought about tracking when I ovulate, but will definitely read the links you have provided so I can get myself a bit more clued up. Damn I feel such a novice! We have been away the first two weekends of this month which is out of character for us so this could have been a cause and I didn't realise. I did have some very slight cramps on Monday and I have noticed that I have recently been getting that a week before, so maybe it'll start next week. We are currently only using condoms, but I think i'll wait another week to take a test as I do doubt I am pregnant. I have been using an app on my phone to keep track, as otherwise I wouldn't have known how late I am etc.

  • Hi sewnew. I am in a similar situation. Came off the pill and naively thought that would be it, and I would have periods like clockwork... Little did I realise that my cycles would be all over the shop. Ie, non existent for a while. It seems to have settled down to long cycles ranging from 35-42 days. Im seeing a reflexologist to try and regulate my cycles. Was also toying with the idea of acupuncture, but 1) it costs money and 2) I'm not a massive fan of needles.

    I've downloaded an app which can track my periods and give me an idea of when I ovulate.

    Before starting to read up on this, I had no clue. I also track when I get a change in symptoms too. So far, no luck, but suppose it helps to have it all written down to keep an eye out.

    Good luck!x

  • Thank you, just a little update I took a test on Wednesday and I'm not pregnant and the app I'm using is telling me I'm 17 days late. I might take another test next week if still nothing. OH is a little worried that something is wrong but my GP won't look into it until I haven't had any for 6 months. I think this may just be a really long cycle like my first one was and am trying to just wait and see. Don't want to think too negatively at the moment.

  • Sorry to hear it's been so late sewnew - I hope it's just a curveball cycle and they straighten themselves out soon.

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