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Little update on me!

So I had my follow up appointment from William today!.

All my results came back negative, He thinks it was an infection rather than my cervix. My plan for next time is : 

Pre Pregnancy -

- High dose folic acid 

- Swabs 

-GTT test 

- I need to lose weight (Slimming world starts tonight!)

Once I get my BFP 

- Contact midwife straight away 


- Scan at 8 weeks 

- Followed by a consultant appointment at 8 weeks

- Swabbed every 4 weeks for my whole pregnancy 

- Cervical stitch if I pressure him to do it! (He said he was happy to do it because I knew all the risks involved) (and my peace of mind)

- Checking my cervix every 2 weeks if I don't have the stitch. 

- Aspirin from 12 weeks 

Feels like I have a massive weight lifted from my shoulders! 

Will have to wait a few weeks to get the GTT and the Swabs all done! Then I will come back and join you all :)



  • Thank you for sharing the update CC. I'm glad they're going to keep an extra close eye on you.

    Lots of love x

  • Hi CC, I'm so glad that they answered your questions and that you've got a plan in place! Good luck with SW tonight and hopefully see you again soon :-) xxx

  • Keeping everything crossed that we see a BFP soon and we she you back exactly where you belong xx

  • CC so nice to see you back.  I think you are the strongest person I have ever come across  and in a totally non-weird but weird internet way I often think about you x

  • Glad you've got a plan on place and that you'll be looked after by them xx

  • Hi CC, it's good to hear that the consultant is supportive and you have a plan in place. I really hope you have some lovely news soon. Lots of love xx

  • Thank ladies

    He was fab and actually really positive! I feel 100% confident that he will do everything he can.

  • Cj I don't feel strong but I do what i have to do to get this much wanted baby. I have said if it happens again then that is the lastvtime and it just isn't meant to be but I am not quite ready to give up just yet!

  • This is a lovely update CC. I really hope that with all the plans they are putting in place for when it happens again it means a different ending and a more reassured you. All the very best my lovely xx

  • I think about you often CC and really hope you have the best news to share soon. xx

  • Great update CC, looking forward to more good news from you in the future! x

  • CC I too often think of you, I'm glad that you are getting the care you deserve and that you have a plan in place. Look forward to hearing positive news from you in the future xx

  • Thanks ladies, Don't think the good news will be too next year now, With the Pre pregnancy bits and me dieting :)! But will keep you updated when I have the good news!

  • So glad you have a plan that you are happy with CC xxx

  • So glad to see a positive update and that you have a plan in place! I wish you a successful pre pregnancy regime and when your bfp is here!! You have all my sticky beans vibes! Xx

  • Lovely to see you back CC & great that they have a plan in place for you. Best of luck with SW & I look forward to seeing you back very soon xx

  • I've only just seen this. So pleased to see you have some answers and they have a plan of action ready for when you get a bfp. I hope it's a short journey for you and when the time comes we'll all be here with lots of sticky vibes and hand holding. x

  • CC - this sounds really positive. In fact *you* always sound positive, it's amazing! It's great you've been through it all with him and know your routemap. Fingers crossed for you, I am often thinking about how wonderful the future is going to be for you xx

  • Thank you!

    I hope to bring some good news next year! (I will have been on 3 due date lists in a row then haha!

    I am working towards my weight at the moment and going to try and shift as much off as possible before we ttc again.

    But hopefully 3rd time lucky for us!

    Thanks for all the well wishes and support x

  • I think of you loads, CC. I am really vibing hard firstly for your BFP and secondly for an uneventful nine months of pregnancy. Good luck with SW too xx

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