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Monday Chat thread

Morning ladies - Sorry I have been awol sticking my head in the sand and feeling crudy with a cold

Hope you've had a relaxing weekend Claire- when do you test? Tayto hope your tooth extraction is not hurting anymore

Afm I am either due wednesday or saturday dependant on whether it is a 25 day or 28 day cycle. Still feeling nauseous so no clues there. I tested on saturday and sunday just cos i was going went out. Going on Holiday and can't wait but need to get on with the packing eek


  • Morning lovelygirl! Sorry you've got a cold but yayy to the holiday plans - where/when you going? Hope AF stays away for you & the weekend was just too early to test x

    AFM - tooth much better, have to go back to get the stitches out the week after next. Had a lovely relaxing weekend with not much on. It's my birthday tomorrow (33, eeekkk!) so H is taking me out for dinner. TTC wise, FF has changed my ov date so I'm now 4DPO; no symptom spotting cos I know we missed our chance this cycle; oh well, onwards and upwards!

  • Morning!

    Lovely Girl - Sorry to hear your under the weather but at least you have a fab holiday! I echo what Tayto said I hope it's just too early.

    Tayto - Glad your tooth is better! Eeeek Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely time celebrating! You just never know so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you!

    LG, my test date is the 7th October but I tested this morning of course it was  BFN, I really don't know what I was thinking because I'm only 4 days past transfer but I've had no symptoms and I've been worrying myself sick. I'm such an idiot.

  • Morning ladies,

    Hope you feel better soon lovelygirl - fingers crossed AF stays away for you.

    Glad your tooth is feeling better tayto, where are you going for dinner tomorrow? Sorry you think you're out this cycle though, that sucks.

    How are you feeling Claire? - EDIT: Cross posted with you Claire, I'm not surprised you are worrying yourself, I think we all would be in your situation. We all know how tempting it is to POAS. Do the clinic say you will get symptoms early? 

    AFM - lovely but busy weekend, was good to see my nephew yesterday, he's a bit of a terror now he can walk! Picked all the pics for our wedding album to and sent that over to the photographer.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Morning everyone.

    Lovely girl - did you have a few cocktails on Saturday in the end?

    Tayto - yay to birthdays! Are you going anywhere nice for dinner?

    Claire - no wonder you're worrying, sooo much easier said than done but please try not too.

    Afm - well weekend started with my h dislocating his knee (it popped back in) but he could barely walk! He managed a bit of shopping yesterday so we had a bit of a spend up (I got my bonus this month! ) so bought myself a lovely new watch and a new coat. Also celebrated my little sister's 17th birthday on Saturday. So scary to think she'll be 18 next year!

    Ttc wise I'm cd30 but last couple of cycles have been anywhere between 32 and 40 days so no idea what's happening!

  • SallyLou - Sounds like a nice weekend, it's a hard job isn't it selecting wedding pics, it took us nearly a year to do ours, but well worth the wait when the album arrived.

    Sally the progesterone gives you similar symptoms to pregnancy so I have nothing to go on at this point, my boobs are killing and I have lower back ache but I know it's off the pessaries. In normal terms I'd only be 9dpo.

  • Claire - You're not an idiot, it's completely understandable - I'm already impatient with TTC and haven't been trying nearly as long as you have. Hopefully your patience will pay off this time and you'll get a nice big fat positive next week. Baby dust

    Sally - Yayy to the wedding album; it took us ages too and we still haven't the 'proper' one done after 15 months! Feel free to flash us another pic of your wedding - we love flashes over here! Big Smile

    Holey - oh no, sorry to hear about your H - I know all about knee trouble! Is he going to get some physio just in case? Excellent on the bonus front, nothing quite like a guiltless shopping trip. Hope AF shows up soon so you can get started on TTC again.

    AFM - we're off to our fave Italian for dinner tomorrow evening - it's the same place I brought H so it's really handy we both love the same food/place! H gave me 2 of my pressies yesterday so I'm really excited about tomorrow. Gonna have a lie in and all! I'm such a big kid! Laugh

  • Holey - There's no better feeling than being able to treat yourself! Sorry to hear about your H and his knee.

    Tayto - Haha! I love it, I'm the same, you should see me at Xmas,  even at 34 I still have new pj's for xmas eve!

    Thanks for all your nice words. I won't lie this is honestly so brutal, I try and distract myself as best I can but I can't switch off, I can't for the weekend. I've just ordered a few first response tests because I don't like the internet cheapies tests and they take too long!

  • Hi holey - glad you enjoyed your spree, your poor husband though. Ouch!

    Claire - thanks for answering my question. I did wonder how many days you would be following implantation. It must be a constant for you, here's hoping this week flies by for you.

    tayto - everyone deserves a lie in on their birthday! Whatever age! A few more pics below for you, its ridiculous how much I love them. 

    (Removed pics)

  • Tayto - happy birthday for tomorrow, glad the tooth is feeling better, sorry you think you missed your ov date but remember if you did it in the 5 days previous you are still in with a chance. I can't believe you got presents EARLY???

    Claire - We would all be POAS addicts in your position and the disappointment is the same regardless that you know it is unlikely to get a positive even if later you do at this point. Hope the symptoms aren't too bad. Are you at work or have you taken the week off to rest?

    Sallylou - Glad you had a fun weekend with your nephew, they are a bit mental when they first start walking! its a window into your future :)

    Holey - hope Aunt Flo stay away its so irritating that you body doesn't plug into a app and tell you whats going on. It must have been easier back in the day when you didn't have access to all this knowledge to drive ourselves made. I did indeed have a few cocktails till 11 and then swapped to water as knew i had to breastfeed when i got in as little miss would not have been happy to go to bed without. She had a midnight feast of pomegranate and a breakfast biscuit as I didn't get back till nearly 2!

    Well i have been feeling nauseous for 5 weeks now everyone assuming i am pregnant to which i reply i would be complaining if i was I would be keeping it quiet. Had my doctors appointment brought forward to tomorrow so fingers crossed they have a plan! I don't think it will be a BFP as I have been ill and I am pretty sure my PMT bad moods are back with full force. resisted testing this morning going to try and wait until Friday but will probably give in and test early I am hopeless that way no patience. WE are off on a road trip of visiting rellies and friends in Scotland on Friday - not sure if i will have Wifi....

  • Claire - Sending you lots of distraction vibes!

    Sally - Love love those pics! They are all gorgeous but the top one is exceptionally sweet - you both look ever so cute & happy.

    Just back from town at lunch where I treated myself to an early birthday present of £25 worth of craft mags!

  • Sally  - Your pics are lovely!

  • Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking on here but haven't really had anything to post! I'm now 7 weeks off the pill and still no sign on AF! I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that we are going to need to get referred due to my PCOS but feeling quite sad about it :(. Found out that my cousin who is younger than me is pregnant and she wasn't even trying! Got a bit teary when my mum told me but am feeling a bit better about it now and trying to be pleased for her.

    I did do a test last week just in case as I was going to give blood and they always ask if you could be pregnant but obviously it was a BFN

    Claire - keeping everything crossed for you! It must be so difficult not to test but the day will come round eventually!

    Sally - your pics are lovely! I know what you mean about loving your own pics - I still love looking back at mine and it's over a year ago now!

    Tayto - hope you have a lovely birthday!

    Sorry for not doing loads of personals - I'm on my phone and I find it really difficult!

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