Hi all. 

I've been lingering for a while now, but this is my first post having just joined. 

So, a little about myself. Been married for a couple of years now, just about to start TTC... Eek!! 

Been off the pill for 2 years and my periods seem to follow a cycle of 35-42 days. Nothing regular though. I've just started reflexology to try and regulate them a bit. 

just started taking seven seas trying for a baby, and considering going 'hard core' and investing in a clearblue fertility monitor off of eBay. 

So, that's it for the minute. hi, and thanks for having me ; ) 


  • Hi and welcome to MD :-) hope your TTC journey is a short one x

  • Hello and welcome! Jump into the daily TTC threads when you can. Hope you have a nice short TTC journey x

  • Hi casgup! Wave

  • Thanks guys! I hope we all do.

    Feels like I've spent half my life trying not to get pregnant, and now... Too exciting. I hope we all have a very short journey.

    Are any of you using anything else to help along the way?xx

  • Yes, I know what you mean - I've spent my entire life hearing about stories of teenagers getting pregnant after one incident whereas the reality is very different!

    Before you go out and buy the cbfm, can I ask if you're tracking ovulation at the moment? The cbfm is a bit expensive so I'd be suggesting trying ovulation kits or temping first? How are you finding reflexology? There's another lady on here, Lulu, that is doing it I think.

  • Hello and welcome to MD!

  • Hi Tayto

    I am tracking ovulation, but I'm finding it a bit difficult because my cycles aren't quite regular. I suppose in my head, I would wee on a stick and it would give me the green light to bonk away!

    Can I ask my first of many very stupid questions? When you get different discharge, EWCM, does this mean it's time to try, or by then it's too late?

    Once again, sorry for the stupid question...


  • No such thing as a stupid question! It's not too late, ewcm is the most fertile cervical fluid which means ovulation is imminent. When you have ewcm, it's your green light to bonk! Ewcm helps the sperm to travel towards the egg and it nourishes the sperm while it waits for the egg.

    Incidentally, do you mind me asking, how many cycles have you been trying for since coming off the pill?

    I would suggest maybe tracking ovulation by temping as that will indicate the thermal shift showing when ovulation occurred and, together with past cycles and ovulation predictor sticks (and your cervical fluid) will help you identify the best time to dtd. I know temping isn't for everyone though, having to stick a thermometer in your mouth every morning isn't exactly a fun event! I'm a data geek though and love knowing as much as possible about my cycles.

  • Thanks for the info! It's really helpful.

    I haven't been taking temps. I have read that it's not quite reliable, but I suppose I'm just putting a barrier up before I've even tried it. I've looked on eBay and can see the thermometers for cheap. May order one and try.

    We have been 'seeing what happens' for a few months now, but not seriously trying because I was hoping my periods would settle into a more shorter, regular cycle. No such luck though.

  • Hi and welcome!

    I would agree with Tayto and try opks and temping before investing in a cbfm as they are so expensive.  I temped along with opks last cycle and it confirmed ov for me so it is worth a try.

    I've also been having reflexology, it hasn't made a difference yet but it's a lovely treatment! How often are you going? I've been going once a week but will have to scale that down a bit now as it is too expensive to keep up.

  • Hi and welcome to MD! Hope your journey is a short one!

    I'm going to start temping soon, so I think it's definitely worth a thought as lots of ladies get on with it

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