I'm interested to know what time of day have any of you got positive OPKs.

I keep reading conflicting reports as to when you should do them. Some say FMU others say don't & to do it during the day which means taking sticks & a pot to work & disappearing for 10 minutes waiting for a result. Embarrassed

Last cycle I was testing when I got home at 6ish & never got a positive but had a temperature spike so did ov.

What did other people find? 


  • I normally tested at about 5pm when I came home from work. Weekends I might have tested at 2pm instead. I never thought about doing them at work!!

    I think I read somewhere that 2pm was the ideal time but anywhere between 10am and 8pm was ok.

  • You should test between 2 and 8pm for an accurate result and shouldn't have peed 4 hours prior to the test x

  • Not wee for 4 hours!!!! Indifferent I can't manage 30 minutes without needing to go!

  • i believe CB OPKs require fmu, then IC are best between 10-8 with the optimum time being around 1pm-2pm

  • I used to do mine about 3pm.

  • I used to do mine after work at about 4.30pm. You should test between 2pm and 8pm. CBFM asks for FMU because it's not just looking fro LH but oestrogen as well.

  • Might have to take them into work & try them around lunchtime. At least I'll get 10 mins away from my desk - even if it will be sat in the bogs!

  • Hi,Ive been using the opk strips and I've either had a faint line a week ago or nothing now,my period started on the 16th December and finished around the 25th according to the ovulating calendar I should of ovulated last weekend but the strips didn't pick it up,so I'm confused about whether I've ovulated or not this month? Plus I've had back ache and stomach pains but I'm not due on till next week or maybe the week after if af wants to be a pain lol,and advice would be great full thankyou x

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