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PCOS and erratic temping?

I have PCOS too and my temps were very up and down a lot.. But I still managed to get a clear ovulation rise.. Not sure if it's normal or not though.. But it was the same for me x


  • JJ, can you flash your chart? I can't help as I'm in the suspected / undiagnosed PCOS gang...

    This is my chart (missing a few temps as gave up...). I think its a bit all over the place, in places.

  • Naughty Pep! Don't give up - it's frustrating when cycles are long but it does show ovulation eventually. Also I am in total shock at the amount of BD you have!! :O

    JJ - I have heard PCOS causing alot of pre-ov confusion in temps and opks but with temping you should see ovulation eventually it may just not be as clear x

  • I know, very naughty! I started again after positive OPK and I'm fairly confident that the rise over the last 4 days indicate ovulation. It matches with other symptoms at least anyway! Ha - I know, and it doesn't even get us anywhere! :-(

  • Could it be possible you are having too much sex? I'm not sure if it's even possible but maybe his spermies are not getting recharged enough in between each squirt? I think docs recommended every 2-3 days x

  • Naughty naughty, stick to the temping!

    Just to say, sex every 24hrs is fine if the man has no known issues, it's only if he has a low count or quality that you need to switch to every 2-3 days...enjoy Wink

  • Usually we balance around every other day, the problem this cycle was I kept getting false positives on the CBD advanced OPKs so didn't want to 'miss' it... but then it never happened anyway!

  • JJ, keep with it. I don't think you can tell anything just yet.

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