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I know a lot of us ttc ladies use phone apps to track our cycles. 

I use Period Tracker and love it. I know loads of people use Fertility Friend but I just find it so overly complicated. 

What do you use??


  • Same as you, period tracker. The freebie version (I’m cheap I know!).

  • Are there other apps that will tell you when you've ovulated? I've only used fertility friend because it gives you those red lines and tells you, if there was others that do the same I'd prob give them a go.

  • Funny story - I upgraded to the paid version just before I got my BFP. Not a waste of money now right enough lol

  • Not sure PS because you would only know that when you temp. Period Tracker does have a bit to record your temp and does show charts but not sure how good it is for that side of things. I use OPKs so I know when I get a positive and I mark my own chart for ovulation. It's not confirmed by temps but it IS confirmed by the pain lol

  • I use Period Diary. It informs me of when my most fertile days are but it's all guess work based on an average 28 day cycle with OV slap bang in the middle so is usually out by a few days. I use it mainly to check when AF is due.

  • I use My Days and Fertility Friend but i find im using FF more than the other these days because it counts your cycle days and how many dpo you are

  • I found most of the other apps just based things on 28 days and when you are having 84 days, 40 days, 50 days etc cycles it's not much use to me. I will stick with FF for now then :)

  • With PT you can set your cycle length, LP length, AF length etc or just use an average which is taken after 3 cycles of data. I'm building my information with each cycle and think I've just about nailed what's 'normal' for me. Que strange cycle lol

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