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Sperm Test?

Seen this in Boots the other day.

Its a test (£30) that is said to be as accurate as lab tests at detecting low / normal / high sperm counts.


  • Personally I wouldn't bother, it's free at the doctors, and there's less margin for error.

  • It also looks like it only identifies count? So nothing about the quality which can be equally important.

  • Saffron same, I seen it and thought hmmm kind of tempting but what happens if it gives you an iffy result then you're all panicked over it / can't qualify for a SA at doctors for a few more months? Undue stress!

    These companies really play into the hands of TTC people though don't they :(

  • I've seen this as well and I agree with you Pepperoni, definitely undue stress!  

    That is interesting Saffron, If we have issues we'll just go to the docs, much more reliable!  

  • We didn't wait a year. I guess it depends on your doc but I think we were six months (maybe less) when my H was there for a physio referral. He mentioned that he was concerned about us TTC because he is ten years older than me (he was 34 at the time) and they just referred him, he had his test within a few weeks.

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