Thursday TTC

Hi all,

Didn't see a thread so thought I'd start. Work is manic at the moment (up to my eyes in marking) so not getting on as much as I'd like. CD7 here so nothing too interesting to report.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!


  • Hi veecee - Don't work too hard! Are you counting the weeks till the holidays?

    AFM - CD3. My thermometer arrived yesterday but I've decided not to start this month, or even use opks as we're staying round PIL's and can't dtd. It was stressful sneaking around 2 weeks ago, and obviously it didn't work then so I don't see the point in doing it again. We're away for a few days around ov, so realistically can only do our best then (which we will!). Hopefully that will mean I won't be so stroppy about it all this time next month.

    Hi to everyone who follows!

  • hey Hazel - I'm a university lecturer so no nice big hols unfortunately. but can't wait for the marking to be done.

    sounds sensible not to be stressing yourself out that way with opks - would you not try temping though? it's a pretty discrete thing.

  • Hi Ladies,

    Quiet here today.

    Veecee - Hope you get the marking done soon, sounds like a good distraction though.

    Hazel - Hope ov falls when you go away, snap on taking a break from opks and temping lol!

    AFM - I think someone is trying to test me today! So first I had a client ask me if I'd had a baby recently?! He got me mixed up with someone else but ouch that hurt! Then I had someone on the phone randomly telling me how she had taken time off to have babies and how lovely they are, and the final blow was logging onto facebook seeing pictures of my friend at her works baby shower and then a picture of her bump and if that wasn't enough there was another person announcing they are expecting! If all this had happened on Monday I think I would have broken but taking it ok today, looking forward to de-stressing with a run later!

  • Veecee - oh, so you get all the work and none (or few) of the holidays? Rubbish!

    Lulu - Oh bless you. That's a lot of stuff happening today, so well done for getting through it!

    I'm currently having a look at baby shower stuff, but randomly (and probably because it's for a really close friend), I'm absolutely fine and enjoying looking at the cute things. Strange!

  • Just had another one! Client cancelling for tomorrow because his wife has just had a baby! I think someone somewhere hates me today, good think I bought new shoes at lunchtime to cheer myself up!

    That is good you're enjoying it Hazel! x

  • Lulu. I think I would have walked out of the office by now. Pound those pavements later!!

  • Evening all - bit late to this cos was busy with my sister and her twins all day - they came to see me for an impromptu visit to cheer me up!

    VC - another one echoing the don't work too hard message!

    hazel - good idea to just relax for this cycle - esp as the PILs will be around.

    Lulu - I would definitely have blown up by now - well done for taking it in your stride & enjoy your run.

    AFM - Still no AF and if it's not here before the end of the day then I have to accept that my LP is wonky although it could be that I got my ov date wrong - I couldn't temp so had to rely on opks which haven't been very successful for me in the past. In other news, I took my first few steps today without any crutch - go me!:-)

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