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TTC High Prolactin Levels

Hi I have been a member here previously but it wont let me log on with old log in 

My name is Fiona, I am 40 and my hubby is 45. We have been married coming up to 5 years, I came of the pill just after we got married
I have always had problems with periods which where absent then in 2011, I started bleeding constantly gp perscribed noristerone to stop me bleeding it did. At the time they did a hormone test which they never advised me the result. They referred me to a gynogologist, who did an investigation of my womb and took a sample everything internally ok. My womb was tilted but he was not concerned, he kept saying it was in my head! He but me on noristerone for the next 10 months 21 days on 7 off it made me really ill but seemed to be working ok, I finished early 2013 with this treatment. Periods settled down, then my last regular period occurred September 13, I then started bleeding constantly, the gyno did a further hormone test, I received a letter to visit my gp, it turned out I have high prolactin my gp advised my level was 931 in 2011 and I was contacted but never followed it up, I never knew of this till now, We did not know the result from gyno, so gp organised further test, with a referral to an endrogolocist and an MRI scan, This was finally done in February this year, my level was now 1023, the endrocologist would not treat me till MRI scan done. This was done late February and my gland is bent. I finally saw the endrocologist 2 weeks ago after 4 months instead of 6 weeks which he wanted with a new blood test, my prolactin level has now increased to 1453, he has finally decided to treat me!

I have been on Noroplac now nearly 2 weeks this Thursday, I have been on the starter pack, working my up to my current dosage of 150 each night. I have have side effects like sickness and tiredness, a little better today but gp perscribed me with anti sickness tablets which should help pick them up tomorrow 

Sorry so long but that's me, fi x


  • Hello Fi,

    Wow what an ordeal! I can't believe they put on on norethisterone for the best part of a year if you were trying for a baby (it is unlikely it would allow your body ovulate). And to not pass on your results is shocking.

    Really hope your new regime gets that pituitary gland under control for you soon.

    I have a tilted womb too. It's also called a retroverted womb and doesn't cause any problems fertility wise. If you get pregnant, it flips and tilts forwards (the normal way) after a few weeks of pregnancy when is if too big to keep tilting backwards x

  • Hi Fi & welcome back to MD. Sorry to hear of your ordeal - I hope things become a lot smoother now that you are on a plan x

  • Thank you, yes it's been a long road just hope the final outcome is a little one. But just have to wait and see and keep on trying naturally.

    Unfortunately tablets really making ill, feel sick most days and today I was actually sick ;( xx

  • Just seen this thread.

    I've got high prolactin levels due to having a prolactinoma. My periods didn't return after having N and a blood test showed my levels were 2000 way after I wasn't breast feeding, I had an MRI and it was discovered.

    I was put on medication and told basically that my prolactin levels had to come down and my periods had to return in order to get pregnant again. Luckily after four weeks my cycle returned. I'm now expecting no.2. I can't take the medication when pregnant and they will see what happens after I've given birth. I've also been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Your pituitary produces the thyroid stimulating hormone.

    Good luck! Xx

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