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Weekly Topic - 12/05 - Temping

As CC has graduated, I've nominated myself to start the topic for this week to get this board moving again!

The list of topics & poll are here:

This weeks topic is: Temping - it was the second highest in the results hence why I've gone with it for this week

Anyone like to start us off with an intro to temping?! Feel free to add any hints and tips you have about temping or links to websites etc


  • I was thinking about the weekly topic during my lunch break, thank you for starting tayto!

    I've only just started temping so I don't have anything I can really say about it at the moment I'm afraid!

  • Popping back to help out :) Thanks for taking over Tayto :) Will update the list for you to remove Temping :)!

    Definitely get a 2 decimal place thermometer I got mine from here : (And it worked perfectly)

    Also recommend Fertility friend for tracking cycles and temperatures - It's only one I really got on with.. Some of the others are really confusing!.The course is really helpful (

    Just the basic's!

    Will let some of you other ladies talk about it further :)!

  • Hello CC :-) I miss you! But I am happy that you are in the baby talk boards now, I hope that we will all graduate to first tri soon so we can chat again!

    Temping. Temping, temping, temping. I bought a BabyMad thermometer which seems alright but I've only done it properly for one cycle. I use iPeriod for when I first wake up in the morning as FF on my phone doesn't seem to play ball, and then I input into FF's website later on during the day. The problem I have with temping is that I often have trouble sleeping, particularly at the moment as I'm very anxious and tend to wake up in the night or wake up incredibly early. But when I'm sleeping ok it's alright, I put the thermometer on top of my phone so when my alarm goes off I feel the thermometer before the phone. Have started temping again from this morning.

  • Enjayee I've also wondered about broken sleep and temps. The last hour of my sleep is always broken due to H getting up for work, would this affect my temps?

  • Enjayee-  Maybe pair it along side OPK'S and your get an over view of your cycle from both... Hopefully you can find a way to sleep better! Have you tried accupuncture those kind of things? 

    Lulu - I would suggest taking your temp as soon as you wake up - So in your case it would be the time your H wakes up... then go back to sleep.

  • Ok thanks CC, does it matter it might not be exactly the same time every day? It could be up to an hour different if H doesn't wake me up!

  • It will disturb it a little bit but I think you will still get a good overview of your chart and when you ovulated..

  • Temping was one of the best things i started doing. I was totally off on my assumptions about when I ov'd before. However my ov day can jump about so it's not overly useful for planning dtd, only for confirming ov. I also got the CBFM.

    big thing i notice is the impact of alcohol. even two drinks can spike mine by .4.

  • Another thing to note, and I think it's mentioned on fertility friend anyway but taking pain meds can impact your temps also. These past few days have showed mine to be much lower than usual, about a .4 difference, the reverse of the impact of drink.

  • Just to say, for some people taking their temp as soon as they wake up is important, and for others the important factor is the time of day. I was the latter, it had to be the same time of day for my temp, so I would set an early alarm for every day, then go back to sleep afterwards if I didn't need to be up.

  • Hi Saffron, sorry if I sound really stupid, I thought both the time of day and taking it as soon as you wake up were both important factors is that not right? How would I know which factor affects my temp?

    Also thanks for the tip the other day my chart is looking much better now and I had a low temp wed (the day I thought I would ov) followed by 2 higher temps so it looks like this could confirm ov for me!

  • You just need to try both out. It does need to be before getting up though regardless.

    For me, even if I had a broken sleep my temp would be fine so long as I took it at the same time each day. I temped at 6am, but even if I woke up at 4am and 5am for me my temp was still accurate.

    Other people would have poor temps in the above scenario, and instead need the three unbroken hours sleep rule. So they may temp at a different time each day, but always after three hours of unbroken sleep and that works for them, didn't work for my temps.

    Glad the tip has helped, hopefully you will get your crosshairs any day now! x

  • Ah ok I understand now thanks for explaining!  I got my crosshairs on Saturday :-)

  • That's useful to know, Saffron. I was always a good sleeper before pregnancy so I rarely had disturbed sllep. I took my temp when I woke up, regardless of the time - but usually it was between 7-9am so not vastly different. I used a 1 dp thermometer and it was still a clear chart, but I would recommend a 2dp one for greater accuracy.

  • A temping question for you: I know I should start on CD1, but is there any point in starting part way through a cycle or will I have to wait until July's one? (bought mine from ebay last night and today is CD1)

  • Yes, you can - as long as it's still early on in the cycle, i.e. before ovulation. I think I was on CD3 or 4 when I first started charting (AF arrived early & the BBT did not!)

  • Ooh cool, it has an estimated delivery date of Thursday, so should be able to start on CD4

  • Hazel - do you know when you expect ov? You only need to be able to spot the temperature shift after ovulation happens, so a few days later shouldn't matter at all. You'll be able to get a good indicator of whats going on from CD4 no problem!

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