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implantation bleeding or not



  • So I have a question .. this morning i had Cramps then I went pee and when I wiped it was a pinkish color of blood Went pee a couple more times after that it was brown .. then as I was walking later in the day i felt A little bit more blood it was a bright red and now I’m not bleeding at all unless I go pee and have some spotting could this be implantation bleeding?? Please help

  • I had an extremely light pinkish bleeding with I guess tiny chunks of my uterus lining on the 11th of this month that lasted only 4 days.After doing some research I came across implantation bleeding. I took a pregnancy test maybe 2 days after and got a negative result. I've been having unprotected sex the past month or so, so I'm kinda leaning towards that... just unsure

  • Hey. Can I ask how this turned out for u? Im  the exact same at the moment. Period not due for 5 more days. I have used a tampon this morning and having some cramping but have never had a period this many days early before.  

  • Hi new to this site so not sure how it works, my period was due on the 28th of September , but sometimes it can be a few days over, I had light bleeding on Wednesday the 4rth of October with mild cramping,which stopped with a light spot on Thursday , it was only on the toilet roll I didn’t need a pad,  which Would have been day 33 of my cycle, I took two tests yesterday both negative , I don’t know what is wrong with me x 

  • Hi I’m in the same situation but my bleeding came on day 33 and only lasted a day, I usually have my period around that day, the cramps were mild , that was on wednesday past and a bit on Thursday took a test it was negative not sure what’s going on x

  • Hi everyone ! I’m new to this. Started this light bleeding 3 days ago, it started off pink and watery , got alittle tiny bit heavier for not even a few hrs then calmed back down to almost nothing, very weird for me considering my periods are usually heavy and have clots, lasting 7 days (Plus it is a few days early!) I threw up a day ago right when I woke up ! I’ve been feeling tired and snappy lately, pregnancy ? or my period !? need help , thinking about testing tomorrow!!!

  • hello, i am 13 dpo this morning i had very little and very light brown/pinkish/clear discharge when i wipe (around 6:30 am) i have not had it again. On 5 dpo my breast and nipples have been hurting, now its more my nipples, i have also had some light on and off cramping for two days. I am not due for AF till 5 more days. I got BFN this morning. Can i still be pregnant? Or is this more sings of AF coming?
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