Positive? Or Negative? Help!

suppose to get my period tomorrow. Took these test this week and they all have faint lines??? To me they do, but I took a clear blue digital and got a not pregnant. Soooo confused! Emotional rollercoster! ????????  Do these test look positive? 




  • Yep i would say those are positive. Congrats! Clear blue digital requires a higher level of hcg to read positive.... Hence the negative right now... If you retest in a few days you will prob get a positive on digital too

  • Thank you for your answer!! I got impatient a ripped open the clear blue digital and found this! Makes me a little more hopeful! I see a line... ???? 



  • Its a positive image Congratulations x

  • Definitely positive congratulations!

  • Suppose to start today so I guess I should know for sure soon! Thank you all so much for the input! I'm nervous and anxious! ???? After my MC 3 months ago its hard not to worry. 

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/126465.jpg



     I am in exactly the same position! Hoping when I retest tomorrow the line will be darker as I have no idea what to think at the moment! I got negatives on Tesco and clearblue this morning so on a bit of a downer! Your's definitely look positive to me though! fingers crossed for both of us image
  • Oh wow! Looks like we are going through the same thing!! Waiting to see what happens today. I'm really regular so I usually start in the exact day I'm suppose to. fingers crossed for both of us!!! Let me know how this turns out for you! ??????????

  • I will do! going to test tomorrow morning will keep you updated! same goes to you, good luck! x

  • Congratulations

  • No AF yesterday but got a negative today. Hoping it's just so early the my levels are low. I'm going to wait a few days and test again. ???????? emotional rollercoster here. ????

  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/126475.jpg

    barely a line there today... im just wondering if it's a chemical pregnancy since I'm getting lighter results. 

  • Oh sallie! 


    . Unfortunately yes ... Assuming that was with your FMU then if the lines are getting fainter that most likely indicates a chemical pregnancy. Sorry to hear that
  • Thank you. Started spotting this afternoon so it looks like AF is coming. So sad! Makes me want to wait until after AF next month to test. Heartbreaking. 

  • In the same situation!!!! im so nervous, my test shows exactly the same result like the pictures above!! Is it positive????? If so, c


    ongratulations ladies!!!
  • imageimageme and my partner have been trying for about 6 months, period was due 7/20 had very light pink spotting for one day on 7/21 (not normal for me always get period for 5-6 days) waited a week or so than took a clear blue Plus on 7/30..very very faint positive line?? But digital says "Not pregnant" could it be to soon for digital? image

  • I'm confused too! Period 6 days late, started spotting today very pale pink and clear. Took clear blue early detection test today, at first looked like a faint positive and now it looks like a negative, no idea!imageimage

  • By looking at this picture of me does it look like I might be pregnant I not sure got all syptoms but had 2 negative results testimage

  • New too all this so I don't no what to look out 

  • Awesome news for you

  • Would u say by the pic I am

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