4 BFP's on first response 13-15 DPO but BFN on clearblue digital, clearblue plus & tesco own brand




So basically.. Thursday morning (13 DPO I think) I got a very very faint line on a first response test, I got another faint line that evening, Friday morning and early hours this morning after holding my urine for approx 2 hours but yesterday morning I got NOT PREGNANT on clearblue digital and this morning I got a negative on clearblue plus and Tesco own brand test so im really confused to whether I am pregnant or not... I really hope I am! the first response lines were very faint but definitely there and had colour so not evap/indent I wouldn't have thought (also confirmed by members on a tweaking group on another forum). I just feel like I am going crazy at the moment and wondered if anyone else had been in the same position and turned out to be pregnant? Hope this makes sense. Thanks xx



  • https://us.v-cdn.net/6030864/uploads/ForumPostImages/126463.jpg

     This is 2ams first response test tweaked (last wee before was approx. midnight) Please don't read & run x
  • It sounds like a chemical pregnancy Hun. Sometimes the egg is fertilised but dosent embed into the uterus lining image I had one a few years ago, a few days after the test turned negative i got my period. Xxx

  • sorry to hear that image il test again tomorrow see whats going on then, the line is definitely darker today than it was when I started testing its more the fact that cb and Tesco aren't showing as positive, but then could this be because its so early? so hard to not get hope up after getting that bfp isn't it image

  • Hi, it is possible that its a chemical but I'd say it also could be that a clear blue is higher hgc level than a FR, so if you have a faint line in a FR you need to wait a few days til you will get a bfp on the less sensitive tests - like cb especially a digi!

    I got a faint bfp on the Thursday on FR but dismissed it as evap it was so light, a coloured line showed on Saturday, but got darker over the weekend, I didn't get bfp on a clear blue until the Monday and then it was a faint one, to match the control took another few days. I am now 11 weeks x so it is possible you are expecting just need to wait for hgc levels to increase so cb picks them up x   

    Fingers crossed x 

  • Thankyou Hun it's nice to know someone had been in a similar situation and came out with a good result image congratulations on your pregnancy! Xx I'm feeling a bit more positive now just been looking at yesterday's and today's tests and I'm sure the line is darker image 


    will see what tomorrow's test brings! Xx
  • Hi lottie... I agree with busymamma... Its very possible that fr gave a positive because it needs a lower level of hcg than cb digis... all being well, if you test with a cb digi in a few days you'll prob get your positive. There's nothing at this point to indicate that its a fhemical as your lones are not fading... They're just not strong yet & thats because you're early... The pic below is my fr test at 11dpo / 3 days before my period was due & you can see how faint the line is... & i'm now 23 weeks!! 



  • Thankyou sw2 it's really settled my mind knowing there are others out there who had positives as faint as mine! I have everything crossed for that bfp! Also is it normal to have ovary twinges if i am in fact pregnant? They have started today every now and then it's just like a little poke around my ovary area not sure what it could be or if I should be worried lol xx

  • Hmmm... Not sure on the twinges sorry. with each of my pregnancies I've had dull cramps like period cramps very early on.... The twinges could be the same thpe of thing & be implantation cramps

  • So this morning I got negative on frer and cb digital... Just did another frer after 4 hour urine hold and I swear it's another very very faint positive! So damn confused going to call the doctors tomorrow try to get blood test Before I go completely crazy lol!! X


     first picture is at three mins and second is at 4-5 mins.

  • Hi lottielou, I'm in the exact same situation as you now.  I did a frer thurdsay afternoon and had a very faint bfp.  I then dud a clearblue easy yesterday morning bfn and also a ckearblue digital today bfn.  I'm waiting for a delivery of frers tomorrow and I'll test again.  What was the outcome for you?  Are you pregnant?   I hope so x 

  • Hi Kewd3 image unfortunately I wasn't pregnant, although I don't see how 5 frers could give false positives so I believe it may have been a chemical pregnancy, I will not be testing until AF is due this month as it's just too much stress and confusion! Clearblue aren't very sensitive compared to frer so you could very well be pregnant and it just be too early for the Clearblue to show it... I have my fingers crossed for you image xx

  • Aww so sorry Lottie, I had the same thing happen a few times so ( after 2yrs TTC) I refused to torment myself and test early, I have slightly irregular cycles so made waiting til cd32 even harder but it paid off in the end when I got a bfp I was sure it was one !

    Fingers crossed for you hun xx

  • I think frers are around 10ml so very sensitive but clear blues are 25ml so take longer to show on them hun xxx

  • Hi LottieLou, I hate to be negative but I'd want someone to tell me their honest opinion so that's what I'm gonna do. I'm not a professional or anything tho.

    I  think you've had a chemical pregnancy. It was so faint (which is fine) but a 'healthy' pregnancy goes on to get darker each day, especially on frer tests which are super sensitive. I had a chemical in Feb. I tested positive super-faintly then the next day it was about the same strength of line on the test. The day after, about the same or barely there. Then the day after it had gone. The day after that I had cramps and the day after that I came on. I so sorry hun - if it was healthy, it would've got stronger by now. Huge hugs. I acknowledge my loss by referring to it as another miscarriage, but everyone is different and this might make it harder for you. Do whatever feels right and nurture yourself.

    All the best for next month. Love and hugs xxx

  • Hi ladies, ive never been pregnant but my boyfriend and i have been trying.. I took two tests and these are my results. The second line is kind if light. I do have sore boobs and bloated (gassy feeling) my periods due the 24th and i havent had any period symptoms yet...image

  • Those definitely look like positive tests to me! 😁 I'd say congratulations are in order x

  • I just took this test today too 😀image

  • Yey! 😁 x

  • image


    Hi I'm in same boat at mo ovulated on 3 April n then again on 8 April so not sure if I've feel either but in test strips I AV very faint lines but clear blue is neg I'm goin crazy n driving my self mad these r my tests 

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