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19 days late

Hey. So I'm 19 days late for my period,  I have been pretty regular for a year after having the implant removed. I started taking "trying for a baby " vitamins a month ago. I have had slight nausea on and off since I was due on, breasts are swollen but not tender, I've had slight cramping but nothing like my usual period pains. Taken 3 home pregnancy tests all negative...  I'm really hoping I'm pregnant, also I've just got thrush this past 2 days!  So so confused!  Can anybody help?!?  Xx 


  • Hi Megan

    what vitamins are you taking. I started seven seas trying for a baby nearly a month ago too and I'm due my period this week but like you have had a lot of the same pregnancy symptoms. sorry I can't be more help.

  • I am taking the same ones!  I'm really really hoping I'm pregnant! I started taking them because my freind recommended them as she got pregnant straight away taking them ! Good luck ! Xx

  • If you still carry on getting negative tests and no AF then speak to your doctor and they will get you in for blood tests x

  • Thanks Mrs Hunt,  that is my next plan of action,  another negative test today ????. I'm going to wait until Monday now xx

  • Well I wasn't pregnant that time...  But I just found out yesterday that im around 6 weeks pregnant!!!!  image xxx 

  • Aw thats great news. Congratulations. Im on month two of seven seas trying for a baby vits so hopefully i'll get my bfp soon 😊 x

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