Coming off the pill and AF

Hello, this is the first month that I'm due a 'normal'  period as opposed to a withdrawal bleed from the pill. As far as I can remember my periods prior to the pill were regular (28 day cycles) I've been having cramps for the past couple of days but AF has not shown up today. Did anyone have trouble post pill? I know I would be extremely lucky to conceive on the first month but accept it's probably my cycle trying to regulate. Sorry for the essay! 



  • Hi nalc,

    ive only been off the pill for 3 months now. When on the pill I had the 28dat cycle. But since being off I've currently got a 34day cycle and still not settled yet as I'm 3days late atm. Having said that, some ladies on here have got lucky. 

    Let us know how you get on- sending baby dust xx

  • Hi Millie, Thank you for your reply. AF showed up this morning so I do feel quite lucky that my first cycle was only 31 days, hoping it doesn't go crazy next month! Although having painful cramps. Pleased however that as soon as it's done can work on ttc month 2.Are you trying for your first baby? Sending baby dust to you image 

    Natalie xx

  • Hi

    this will also be my first proper af since stopping the pill. been feeling really dizzy and nearly fainted last weekend, stomach cramps last few days, now a day late. Wasn't feeling great last night, bit nauseas, and tingly nipples, TMI sorry! Did cbd test Friday and 'not pregnant', but wasn't first urine. tesco test this afternoon, and negative. I just don't know. 

  • Hi Nalc, 

    sorry to hear you got you AF image but gkad to hear youre keeping positive. Yes, we are trying for our first baby. trying not to over think things atm as its early days, currently finding it quite fascinating learning about my body. How about you? 

    Jenh, it will take a while for your body to sort itself out after coming off the pill. That could be reason for your symptoms. Perhaps keep a journal of how youre feeling physically and mentally, then you can keep a track of things. Let us know how you get on. 


  • Hi Nalc

    yes I will do thank you. Just frustrating waiting around and not knowing. 

  • I can definitely empathise with you there! 

    sending baby dust xxx

  • Right back at you Millie. X

  • Hi Ladies, 

    how are you all getting on? I'm currently on CD 59 and no sign of AF coming along ???? arghhh! 

  • Hi Millie, sorry not been in touch. Oh gosh that is very frustrating! Have you tested? If I have another 31 day cycle AF would be due on Wednesday. I'm not feeling hopeful this month as had a week away from other half and believe it was around O :/

    Natalie xx

  • Day 63 and nothing! :/ my AF should be today but if nothing comes along im going to get some blood tests for peace of mind. But may also test as well. However, not entirely hopeful as don't think my body's settled yet. 

    Its annoying isnt it when you're seperated during the optimum time. i shall have my fingers crossed for you! image 

    Jenh how are you getting along? 

    Millie xxx

  • Hi Millie, 

    Sorry to hear the witch still hasn't arrived, it's the only time we wish it upon ourselves! Least once it's been you can start trying again! 

    Yeah see what blood results come out with! May as well test. When was the last time you did? 

    I know lol trying not to let it take over my life! Easier said than done! I've ordered some opks. 

    Hope AF shows or you get your bfp!!xxx

  • Hey Millie, any update? I'm on Cd 34 and no sign, very frustrating! Xx

  • Evening Ladies, just been reading the about thread as I think im going through the same thing. I stopped the pill in December, had 2 periods but im on day 86 and doc doesnt want to do anything yet. Any suggestions? 

  • Hey BlueHawaii, 

    How long did you wait until you went to the dr? How long does the dr want you to wait for? 

    Im on day 36 and finding it very frustrating so you must be pulling your hair out. 

    Have you had any spotting? Cramps?

    It's awful being in limbo as you can't ttc because AF hasn't been and your not pregnant either. I've never wished so much to come on. 

    Fingers crossed something happens soon for you. Sorry I don't really have advice but please keep us updated!


  • Hi Nalc,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I saw the docs last week so what 2 months late? No spotting that im aware of, I suppose there could have been slight cramps but with me not expecting anything I havent taken much notice. Ive been doing weekly tests just incase but no BFP as yet. Of course ive googled the hell out of this and ive come across Agnus Castus, no-one seems to have a bad word to say about it and from what I can tell, it should regulate hormones etc. So I may give it a try!

  • That's frustrating that they aren't willing to do anything yet, sorry to hear. Yeah i did brief research on agnus castus after seeing it mentioned on threads but I read you shouldn't take it of you are ttc? So i got really confused! Xx

  • As I understood it,  you can take it right up to ovulation. I figured if we stopped TTC for a few months in hope of getting things sorted out then it may work itself right lol 

    I'll let you know!

  • Yeah good plan. Thank you xx

  • Hi ladies! 

    Just trying to research on the damn withdrawal from being on the pill. I've got such painful boobs, horrible back ache, stomach cramps, I'm shattered and the bloating.... Oh wow I've never experienced bloating like it! I feel like a fat slug! It's been 4 weeks since I finished my last pack and the symptoms have really hit this week. Any of you experienced anything similar or am I alone on this one lol 

    K x

  • Hi K,

    I wish was getting some of those. Have you done any tests yet? Those all tick boxes as far as I know know.

    Best of luck. 

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