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Is this an evap or BFP?!

Hello ladies, I was just wondering what you lovely people think of this test.. Evap or BFP?

Okay, so basically me and my Fiance have been TTC our first child for almost 6 years. Laat year we decided to just let go of the idea of conceiving naturally. AF is always ontime and I always get sore boobs 3 - 4 days before it's due. Well I never, nit even a hint of it. I am currently almost 3 weeks late. 2 weeks ago on Sunday I had very light spotting lasting 3 days, it got a little bit heavier for 2 days then spotting very lightly again for another 2 days (I always get painful AF but no pain or cramp at all) the past few days I've been getting cramps(nothing major just here and there) my lower abdomen feels a litter harder when I press, my boobs have got a lot bigger and puffy and so soft after all the spotting and that, been feeling slightly tired but nothing that will make me sleep in the day everyday, I get the strangest feeling in my lower abdomen here and there, headaches, dry mouth and peeing a bit more than usual ( not a massive amount though, even to notice). 
I took a test last Thursday and it was positive (as I can see -- photo above) But all the rest are negative. .
Could I be pregnant? If so, why would I be getting negative tests after a positive??



     please tweak x
  • Sorry for typing so much, just wanted to make sure I got as much info into it as I could. Does it's very faint, but what do you ladies think? Desperate for a reply.. thanks in advance xx

  • hi,

    I am not able to see the second line in the pic...Mystory is same as urs. I am 12 days up now fr AF still no periods. Tested few days back at gyn it came back positive. But tested at home came back so many NEGATIVES. only one POSITIVE WITH GYNACHOLOGIST. and then followed by a blood test on 8 day of missed period it also came negative. Still no sign of AF. This is first time in my life i got that late. I am generally late by 2-3 days in cycle . we are trying for a baby from last one year now with no luck.. I am so confused and upset. This time my AF didnt arrived but then also negative results..Please let me know if anyone experiencing the same ... Please help.and also who all ended up being pregnant after so much delay in AF .

  • Your best going doctors for a blood test hun will definitely no then xx

  • Thanks for replying elsie b. hun.on 8TH DAY of missed period negative blood tst.Can it become positive later on. Has anyone got positive later on .

    image still no sign of AF

  • Hello TTCbabyno1 - I'm so sorry, it sounds like you've had a very long and difficult journey. I'm sorry to say that I can't see the second line in yours. With the lack of AF symptoms and AF being so late, I can only imagine that it's an anovulatory cycle - maybe you didn't ovulate this cycle. That's quite a harmless and common thing to happen apparently but it can often make you think you might be regnant. I had a cycle like that (no usual AF symptoms; AF was late; did a test and completely negative. I'd also had some light spotting mid cycle - all classic signs apparently) and the next cycle I fell pregnant!! Currently 10 weeks image

    But after 6 years I think I'd want some fertility tests hun. Good luck.

    Paya44 - I agree with elise, a blood test would be definitive. BUT what I suspect has happened is that it was a fertilised egg that wasn't able to implant properly or couldn't grow properly. As hard as it is, you have to see this as a positive - your body is working properly - you ovulated, your partner's "done his job" at the right time and an egg was fertilised. Now you know that you can do this, you just have to do it once more and the odds are that this time it will be ok. I'm no doctor, but I doubt you're pregnant at this stage if you've had so many negatives since that positive. The same happened to me in February - early positive, it got a bit stronger the next day, then it got fainter the day after, then it disappeared completely. Eventually I got AF. The next cycle I didn't ovulate, the cycle after that, BFP image

    Good luck xxx 

  • sorry to here your blood test was negative hun it would show on a blood test before a pregnancy test so it can only mean it is negative as a blood test is more sensertive then any pregnancy test

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