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So confused and so upset :'(

Just want to cry this morning :'( 

Really thinking we were pregnant this cycle :'( got symptoms by the bucket load, high soft cervix, creamy cm, sore breasts, possible implantation spotting, nausea...

tested yesterday and BFN :'(

Tested today and an odd result. Did a first responds with fmu and a white line appeared straight away, I was sat there like YES! This will go pink and I can go wake my partner up with the best news ever, but the line didn't go pink, it stayed white for about 5 minutes and then disappeard, so have taken it as a bfn, or indent :'(

i know it's still early to test but I'm just so sick of getting negatives now :'( mood is so up and down thinking one minute I'm being silly getting upset when it's still too soon to test and then the next practically in tears thinking it's going to just stay negative and I'm not pregnant :'(

going to test again tomorrow but I'm just losing all hope right now even though I'm not due AF until Sunday 

has anyone else felt this way, and got a bfn at 8dpo and 9dpo and gone on to soon have a positive result? I'm losing my mind right now!


  • Sorry to hear you're so down but you are very early for testing. if you can, try to hold out till 14dpo as the accuracy of the tests is much better then. I know it will be hard but you're only going to cause yourself more upset if you keep testing early. Negative now doesn't necessarily mean not pregnant - I've read about plenty of women who didn't get bfps till af due or later. hang in there!

  • Hi ellieb002, Loobylou1 is right - you could be testing too early. Have look at our new #WaitToWeecampaign which will explain everything.

  • Thanks ladies image I'm so confused cause I've tried different tests and they all look like they're going to to positive and stay faintly positive while the test is drying but then vanish when the test is dry really hope I get a bfp soon! Xxxxx

  • Good luck Ellie - I just think it's too soon hun. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, please try and relax and wait. With my little boy, I got a faint positive at 4 weeks 5 days pregnant!!!! (found when worked backwards from pregnancy dating scan). So please try and wait til Monday next week. I know it's hard, just try and wait to avoid anymore crushing disappointments. Lots of love xxx

  • I didnt get a BFP on FRER until 12dpo and i tested everyday from 7dpo, try to leave 2 days in between tests to let your HCG double if you are pregnant image

  • Thanks so much ladies, overwhelmed with your lovely answers xxxxxx

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