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Very confused

hi everyone it's me back again, just wondering if this is normal I did a test today because it's nearly been 4 weeks now that I have missed my period and the test come up with one dark line and another very very faint and I did another about 10 minutes agI and it's just a dark like. I have no signs of coming onto my period none what so ever, I am constipated, bloating, eating much more than usuall and my smell for things have change rapidly. I have been told to leave it until my next period then take another because then I would of missed a period and not come onto my next cycle. Someone help me than you image 


  • Do you have a picture of the test(s) that you could post?


    It's smudged but I can see the faint line at the end of the smudge it's really strange and the last test I did was just one line 
  • I dont think you can trust a test when the dye has run like that as that can mean it's faulty hun.

    if you can afford it, i would recommend getting a first response early response test as most people say those are the most accurate.

    a negative test taken at the end of the day cannot be relied upon if you are only very early pregnant as the HCG gets diluted. For most accurate results you must use your first morning urine.

    good luck!

  • ar right okay and will do another next week thank you 

  • just buy another one and try again

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