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Implantation, AF, miscarriage or other?

Background info - TTC almost a year, had 38 x day cycles then diagnosed with insulin resistance (and suspected but unconfirmed PCOS) and started diabex xr (metformin). Have had 2 x 32 day cycles since. This is 3rd cycle on diabex. 

I don't know if I ovulated this month as I decided to take a step back and reduce stress / stop over thinking. .. but of course I am over thinking now which is why I'm here. I'm sure you understand the emotional rollercoaster involved.  Anyway. ... 

So on day 20 I began spotting.  Light pink / see through light red when I wiped. No drips, no real liquid. Then one wipe that was more like 1/2 teaspoon equivalent and a little darker then back to light in flow with brown tinge.  Total time of spotting was around 24 hours. 

To go with it I have felt bloated but not gassy, very little appetite,  nauseous and tired. no cramps. (My periods while far apart are usually heavy and full of horrid cramps so this is unlike them)

It's now day 23 and I still feel mildly nauseous and bloated but no other symptoms. 

I think I'm going nuts wondering what could be happening,  especially because I don't know really when my period should be,  I don't know whether I could be experiencing diabex side effects, I don't know what pcos involves and I don't know when I should test. The worst part is I don't know if I should be worried or excited. 

I'd love to know your thoughts,  especially if you've dealt with diabex or metformin.

Thank you. 

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