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Bfp or Evap? 11dpo - please help!

Ok so I was pretty sure I was out this month had some strange stitch like cramps Monday evening but other than that not many symptoms happening but took a superdrug own test today fmu got a very faint line so then did a first response and got this.. Any opinions would be great as don't wanna get my hopes up for an  Evap! Had the same sort of thing like last and think I had a chemical pregnancy so really unsure what to think image I forgot to take a picture Of the superdrug but have attached the first response.. I gave the test to my partnet while I timed and he saw the faint line at one min thirty seconds ...


  • I can see a line test in a couple of days hopefully will be darker gl to you hope it's a bfp sorry couldn't be more helpful but didn't want to read and run xx

  • can see 2 lines in all pics, test again in a day or so and it should be darker x


    Eek can I get excited now?? Xxx
  • Yes I would defo get excited congrats all the best xx

  • I'm so confused am I pregnant taken 4 tests an all have faint lines 

  • Have you got a pic haymay hgc might be low and test might get darker in a couple of days x

  • So did a superdrug test this morning at six had last been to the loo at four and the line was so so so faint ok so confused as I thought superdrug were meant to be even better than first response and my first response was so clear yesterday lunchtime! May be I should stick to frer? Anyone else had this?

  • Lottielou I'd say those are positives, hcg hormone takes a couple of days to double the levels hun so to get a stronger line I'd leave it a couple if days and test using first pee of the day ( hold it all night!!!) And you should see the line darken.

    As you are still testing early its normal to get faint lines, mine didn't match the control lines until I was about 2 weeks late - I'm now 15 weeks.

    A faint line means the levels of hcg are lower but are enough to activate the line, I wish the tests instructions were clearer!!!

    Good luck and congrats !! 

  • You're up the duff! Yay! 

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