Coming off Cerazette

Good evening all, 

Looking for a bit of information if anyone can help.

I came off Cerazette on 6th June 2015 as my fiance and I are trying to concieve. This will be my 2nd and his 1st. 

As I have had no periods for the last 18months or so I have nothing I can chart per sè.

we have been having sex regularly since I came off the pill and are hoping to catch quickly. 

I noticed these last couple of days I have had a brown discharge, nothing major but its still there this follows a milky discharge (sorry if far TMI) 

Last week I had a couple of days cramping on my left hand side but nothing like what I used to have prior to Cerazette. 

I still haven't had a proper period since coming off the pill only thing I have is the above mentioned. 

We have taken a few tests over the last week but nothing coming up positive, am I too early or is this just wishful thinking. Other than cramps, ive had some blinding headaches and we both agree my breasticles (ha!) have become larger but no real tenderness there and just this afternoon I have had a nausea feeling.

can anyone shed any light on my situation? Could I be pregnant already or again is this just wishful thinking? 

Thank you for any replies and please bear with me whilst I get used to the 'lingo' 

Good luck to all trying and I keep everything crossed we all get a positive result quickly. Xx


  • Hi there Cerazette is very odd pill when you come off it, the brown could of been possible withdrawal, and it is completely normal that you haven't had a period yet it can take weeks to have a proper period. Also unfortunately coming of Cerazette can give you a lot of pregnancy symptoms. 

    if you need support join the coming of Cerazette part 3 there is an amazing group of women on there all having different stories. Hope this has helped.

  • Sorry it's how long after coming of Cerazette did your periods return part 3

  • Thank you for your reply. I did have a glance through that forum I think. 

    Guess for now, I shall have to wait until next month to see if I get a 'proper period' so I have something I can chart from.

    Many thanks

  • Hi, 

    i'm the exact same as you, I came off cerazette on the 6/6/15 and as of yet I have had no periods. I'm getting a lot of symptoms of pregnancy like tender breasts, pain on my lower abdomen and a little weight gain also. I'm realily trying not to get stressed about it but it's just so confusing not knowing what's going on. P.s I've had a few negative tests also. X

  • I'm still waiting myself too. Going by the main thread I could be in for a long wait. Really wish it would come so I know where I am. 

    We haven't stopped trying just incase we get super lucky but I'm not holding out much hope so quickly. 

    Good luck to you and I really hope one or the other shows positive for you soon x

  • Just an update.. exactly 8 weeks since coming off the pill AF finally made an appearance. Not sure if Im sad about this or happy that I can now start afresh with tracking. 

    Not had a period in quite a while and boyyy have I not missed the cramps and everything that comes with it! 

    According to tracker ovulation should occur this month around 15th so fingers crossed this is our month although I can't see us being so lucky x

  • Thats crazy, mine came just around the 7 week mark and my ovulation tracker says ovulation should be around the 7th of this month! I hope you get lucky this month ???? x

  • Same to you

    Everything crossed x

  • Iv been off a week, if I had known this pill would cause so much dram to conceive I would never have started it!!!

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