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TTC/ 2+ and 2- same day

Hi to all my fellow ladies in the same journey. My husband and I are in our early 30's and we are TTC baby #1. Did the whole clear blue ovulation kit, got the smiley face and did some work. The whole laying elevated for 10-15 min as well. A few dpo my breast were swollen and tender, areolas were tingly... Got a canker sore which is super odd, and a few other things. My husband and I decided to go buy FR and both came back positive... After which we got so excited and went back to the store and this time bought the CB digital with week prediction and those came back negative

... Now I have no idea what to think... Has anyone had this situation happen? I want to stay positive I still have a few days before my cycle is due so I am waiting until then to go to the Dr. Thanks for any response


  • Clearblue digitals are 25ml hun and only work when period is due they can work upto 4 days before but its only 50% chance but first response are lower ml so show up much sooner how many days before period are you hun xx

  • Hi E...

    Right now I am at 6. I know, I know tested early but, all these symptoms hit me at once. I had a miscarriage before and the same happened. Everything hit me at once. Now I am anxious, and I guess it is because I am in the military and have to take a physical test. I am afraid that if I do take the test and I am it might affect it.

  • Id wait till your period is due then use the clearblues hun and the test should be fine thier really cushioned in there but you might be best off telling someone because if you get pains youl have to stop and rest dont other do it hun xxxx

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