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Am I/arent I???


Im new to here, but very stressed and after some advice!

My last period was 16th-21st May, its now June 27th and still waiting .... We are trying for a baby, and have done lots of tests (different brands, different times of the day), and gutted they have all been negative!

Anyone else had anything similar? I have seen posts about blood tests but are the results instant? I already have a 3 year old and the first test I did with him was positive so this is unknown to me! X


  • Hi, don't know how much advise I can give but in a similar situation, by period was 25th till the 29th and still waiting, like you all negative with different brands. 

    Im trying to hold out till I have missed two periods as advice when reading on the internet is sometimes you don't ovulate one month but do the next, but if nothing then I'm going docs. 

    I know how frustrated you are and how upsetting it is, and you've been waiting longer than me, I'm trying my best just to stay as distressed as possible. 

    Fx a bfp or af shows soon for you. 

  • Some of mine were negative and I found out a month ago that I'm  12 weeks pregnant now x

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