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Just wondering I see a lot of people saying don't use a digi test early use cheao dip tests as they more reliable I just wanted to share something as I don't feel that's accurate.  on the day my period was due in the afternoon I used a dip test and it was barely positive extremely feint line I thought I was seeing things yes it wasn't first morning pee either way I popped and got a digi and did that only just managed to pee a little drop to wet the stick and straight away bfp now my argument for early dip test being not as good is I'm actually pregnant with twins so in this case the digi was the most accurate test.  Either way I think you should always try and wait no matter how anxious you are til the day you miss your period I believe all the testing etc is more stressful and it's a time when you should try and just relax And let nature do it's thing. 


  • Clearblues are great when your period is due but before there no good cheap tests are 10ml if it says on the pack (some are not) so more sensitive and are cheap so good for women who test early e.i 8dpo onwards which you cant do with clearblues which even 4 days before period is due there only 50% accurate i got really strong on dip tests from 10dpo and then took 2 days after period was due to get the positive on clearblue digital which are 25ml think everyone is just different hun x

  • I understand that to confirm it was the sensitive ones at 10 I was using and all negative and barely positive clearblue has always been accurate a I was trying to say is the dip tests clearly aren't always accurate or maybe I had a bad batch as with a twin pregnancy my hormones are doubled yet still barely positive on dip and clearly positive on clearblue.  I just think the anxiety of is it a line or not is very stressful and can lead to false hope.  As a result if said dip tests I spent the first couple of weeks worried my hormone levels weren't high enough and something was wrong only thing wrong was me reading the internet too much as hormones were fine And trusting that these tests were more accurate was silly i don't even know why I bought them as I never obsessed with my other pregnancies.  This is baby 4 and 5 and my experience of early dip tests save your money wait to see if af arrives Go out for meals chill out Relax enjoy life.

  • Bless ya hun that would of been worrying for you i do agree its much better when you see it in words instead of staring at lines all day but the cheap tests there are some many different brands i might just be lucky and found a good brand because i bought some once with a pink colour on the handle part and they were horrible loads of evaps and faulty results so i just went back to the ones iv always used but iv got 2 clearblue digitals for when that time comes were im stuck guessing at the lines congratulations btw xxx

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