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Devastated... Need help :(

Recently i lost my baby at 14 weeks. We were told at the 12 scan that the baby had some problems and wouldn't survive the full 9 months of pregnancy so I was given the choice to have a termination via having a pill. It was the worst experience I've ever gone through in my life!! We were told the baby had an Exomphalos which is where the insides of the baby our outside and also the baby had body stalk anomaly which is really rare. I was told that this would never happen to me again but I am so scared!! Me and my partner want to try again for another baby but I dont know when to start and I'm also worried this will happen again. Has this happened to anybody or can anybody give me any advice? 

Thank you xx


  • Oh Amy, what a horrendous experience you're going through. I'm so sorry for you.
    I reckon its perfectly natural to be scared, but the odds are in your favour and this should never happen again. This isn't like some women who experience multiple miscarriages - this is really different, so when the time is right, and only you and your fella will know that, then you try again. And when you do fall pregnant again, you can bet your bottom the hosp will be monitoring you like crazy.

    Good luck hon, i know it's an old cliche but time really does heal - give yourself a while to mourn, and then try again. And look after yourself. You'll be ok x x x

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